Lair gets 2.5/5 from Yahoo Games

Air traffic control needs to ground this flying beast.

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MK_Red3608d ago

The controls aren't bad and slow IMO. At least it's not 1.5/5 like GameSpy.

toughNAME3608d ago

alright the game flopped
i dont think we need to see the crummy reviews everyday!

CrazzyMan3608d ago

that`s is funny, and despite score, LAIR IS STILL A GAME TO GIVE A TRY. =)

IQUITN4G3608d ago

At least it will be remembered for something.

Vulcan Raven3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

This is some of the most fun i have had on my ps3 since i bought it. Well worth the wait, but it could have been longer. the dragon responds to the controller with slow subtle movements just like it says in the online manual.