Video: Sony 200 Disc Blu-ray Changer Hands On

Sony's HES-v1000 is a 200 disc Blu-ray burner/changer that has a 500GB HDD, Cross media interface, and an ethernet for streaming. Gizmodo found it to be more impressive in person with unnecessary but awesome motorized plates of glass.

It does have HDMI out, which wasn't previously specified, and the top has a number of touch buttons. Remote is not swanky at all. Doesn't match. The thing does automated video slideshows, and uses face detection to auto crop photos. Neat.

Hit the link for the video and new pics.

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Siesser4091d ago

The sliding panel was just such a wonderful degree of sexiness in machinery.

nasim4091d ago

SONY would be in a killing spree this FALL with warhawk ,hs,lair,uncharted, ut3,haze,gt5 prologue and ratchet for ps3.

starter packs on slimmer PSP

Spiderman 3 and Pirates 3 on BD

reaferfore204091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Agreed. But how long before they release enough BD movies to fill this bad boy up? I have a 300(and 1) disc DVD changer and it's not even near full. Kind of makes you wonder. I guess you could put your DVD's and CD's in there if you wanted to, but wouldn't that be kind of a waste?

And Nasim, I would give you negative feedback for being off subject. But seeing as you only have one bubble I guess I'll leave you alone. :)

BTW How much does this beast cost? Somewhere in the 5k range?

Siesser4091d ago

I believe it's going to cost $3,500.

drtysouf214091d ago

It would be cool if it could read PS3 games too if you connected it to a PS3 then you could have all your games and movies in it.

SKUD4091d ago

That thing looks real slick.

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