Toshiba Refutes Sony's Claims of Blu-ray Stand-Alone Player Dominance

Toshiba this afternoon issued a tersely-worded response to claims made by Sony at a CEDIA press conference last night.

The statement reads as follows:

In light of recent comments made regarding high definition stand-alone video players sales, Toshiba would like to reiterate its continued industry leading sales figures. Based on July data from NPD, Toshiba had a 55% market share year to date in high definition stand alone player sales followed by all Blu-ray companies at a combined 42%; the final 3 percent is held by dual format players.

While the competition may claim leadership based on one month of data, Toshiba has had continued sales leadership in every month since the original HD DVD players launched 17 months ago.

Toshiba is and continues to be a top seller at retailers such as Amazon, most recently reaching #1 on the site last week. As third generation players begin to come to market at the end of this month, Toshiba has full confidence that it will continue its momentum and lead in player sales. Additional information on HD DVD and Toshiba's players can be found at

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TheFatOne4117d ago

If i see another BD vs. HD DVD thing I'am going to kill myself.

toughNAME4117d ago

im surprised the PS3 boys even let this go through

TheFatOne4117d ago

You know what this is my last post on anything BD vs. HD DVD related.

damnwrx4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

Blu-ray Disc is still going to rule period

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