Army of Two gameplay video collection

Some gameplay video's from Army of Two showed up at

To make things easy for you, Xboxkings collect them in this one post and keep it updated if new footage will be released. So keep checking in on this news story regularly. First movies:

- 'Tampon'
- 'Feign Death'
- 'Shield'

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Pete_Approved4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )


TheMART4115d ago

I must say, if EA makes this game right like it looks it'll be, this could be the surprise of this fall actually.

This one is on the top of my wanted list!

Lex_Yayo_4074115d ago

But after a while I started to feel this to be kinda lame in a way. I'll maybe rent but I wouldn't pay about $65 for this game. One the A.I. is mad weak, there running out into the open and getting shot and it just look to much of a repetitive game. Just rent it first.

Shaka2K64115d ago

About time ea made some games worth playing.