Wii, DS sales fuel Pokemon growth, says Nintendo

Nintendo Co. on Thurs. said strong sales of the Wii home video game system and Nintendo DS handheld have fueled growth of the company's Pokemon franchise at U.S. retail.

According to NPD Group Inc., Pokemon Diamond is the best-selling game title of the year on any system, while Pokemon Pearl ranks as the No. 3 best-seller.

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PS360WII4117d ago

that's a lot of Pokemon

GodofPeace4117d ago

really needs to die its been on the air too long and it gets stale.

PS360WII4117d ago

with sales like those are children's children will be playing Pokemon

djt234117d ago

wow wow
that is crazy

Daewoodrow4117d ago

shouldn't that be Pokemon growth fuels DS/Wii sales?

Rooftrellen4116d ago

I'll call it growth if Diamand/Pearl outsells Red/Blue/Green.

That's a tall order, becoming the second best selling game...ever, but that's where Red/Blue/Green sit right now, and, obviously, for growth to occur, you need more to sell later than you did at first.

I doubt Pokemon can do that.