Steve Jobs gives all iPhone owners $100 back

"To all iPhone customers:
I have received hundreds of emails from iPhone customers who are upset about Apple dropping the price of iPhone by $200 two months after it went on sale. After reading every one of these emails, I have some observations and conclusions....."

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drtysouf213752d ago

I didn't get an iphone because i prefer HTC PDA's but i am going to buy the new Itouch ipod since my nano just died yesterday.

tehcellownu3752d ago

, a $100 store credit towards the purchase of any product at an Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store


Optimus Prime3752d ago

i am as well going to be getting the new itouch. even though i have a 30 gig, i like the idea of the itouch.

Demon19803752d ago

mucho respect to Apple.

RadientFlux3752d ago

shouldn't he be giving $200.00 back to each customer...

mirroredderorrim3752d ago

No. 100$ is enough. How about you create a product and charge insane prices for it then reduce the price after so many have bought it?

100$ is an incentive from Apple, they're trying to give something back to the crazy people who spent so much on it. Something s better than nothing.

okcomputer3752d ago

Not really.. I don't think they should even be getting the $100 back. I'm surprised apple gave in to all the whiners out there.

Part of being an "early adapter" and picking up tech products when they first come out is paying top dollar for them, even though the prices will go down sooner rather than later. Thats the way tech buying works, they should just have to deal with it.

LeShin3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

@okcomputer in under normal circumstances, I'd have to agree with you....
...but dropping the price after just 2 MONTHS is really taking the piss I think. Imagine if Microsoft did that with the 360 or if Sony did that with the PS3. I reckon 2 months is too soon to lower the price and expect even the early adopters to be happy about it.

I'm sure the early adopters would've waited 2 months if they knew they would be a saving of $200! lol

Meh, I think the Iphone is overrated anyway, I'm gunning for that new Toshiba Pocket Pc that some gadget forums are talking about :)

eXplotion3752d ago

just wow... respect to apple.

iceice1233752d ago

100$ back...for Apple store. Big deal, they still keep your money.

Figboy3752d ago

your Avatars are priceless.

ShiftyLookingCow3752d ago

how many oceans did Calvin drink? on n4g, he is constantly peeing all over the place

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The story is too old to be commented.