Blu-ray Will Become 'Major Driver' of PS3 Adoption

Today GameDaily present the next column in their exclusive series from the researchers at Frank N. Magid Associates. Although the hi-def format war is far from over, Managing Director Mike Vorhaus believes that Blu-ray will eventually drive PS3 sales.

Based on the large number of consumers that have used their PS2 for playing DVDs, they believe that many consumers will continue to use their PS3 for playing DVDs as well and that the Blu-ray device will eventually become a major driver for consumer purchase of the PS3 as the format takes hold.

Consumers who have a high-definition DVD player, or watch HD on their digital TV system, report tremendous affection for HD content. As the growth of HDTVs continues, the PS3 may well build in appeal among those who want to play high-definition content on their PS3.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4092d ago

Just like the PS2 driving/ helping DVD sells/ player adoption rates!

Bloodmask4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

But there is a flaw in the logic of this article. When PS2 was released DVD was already an established format= no format war.

Sony just used the loyal PS3 fanbase to "force" the adoption of Bluray. Bc the simple fact is that most people don't watch movies on consoles, less than 13%.

Sony knew that they stood no chance against Toshiba coming out a year later and at a much higher price point with Bluray players. So Sony has effectively abandoned their "core" market by pricing PS3 at $600 bc of the inclusion of the Bluray technology. In fact the whole PS3 launch was delayed almost a year solely bc of Bluray. So whether customers prefer Bluray or not they are counted as a supporter even if they never purchase any movies solely bc of PS3.

What about all the HDDVD customers who were early adoptors and bought PS3 a year later??

Summary: Sony used PS3 to try and force a victory in the format war. Sony can say Bluray was needed for gaming until they are blue in the face. The simple fact is PS3 would have been fine without Bluray. The only ones touting it are their first and second parties. All third party games for both the 360 and PS3 are on one disk........Kind of makes one wonder.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

I'm sure if one were to poll devs and ask if the extra space was/ is needed 90% would agree that it is, just like extra memory is always welcomed. Wouldn't you agree!?

drtysouf214092d ago

My question to you is who are you preaching to? And what are you trying to accomplish with your negative Sony Blu-ray comments? I mean you have been anti Blu-ray and anti Sony for as long as i've been on this site. People who already own a PS3 whether they agree with Sony including blu-ray or not still purchased it so they can't complain. And every PS3 owner i know (which is quite alot) love the benefits of blu-ray being included. People that are waiting for certain games or another price drop are still going to purchase it one day one way or another when they are satisfied with the price or selection of games. So you going into all these blu-ray PS3 related stories and saying all these things is getting you nowhere the only people that agree with you are the ones that are either strictly biased to 360 or Wii or have no plans on buying a PS3 at all. Your entitled to your opinion but saying the same thing over and over many times just makes you look desperate. PS3's inclusion of Blu-ray isn't going to change so just give it up already. The PS3 is what it is and people will purchase it regardless. I am glad as are many other PS3 owners that blu-ray is included because my investment will last for years to come. We get next generation gaming and movies with lots of other features all built into one spectacular future proof box. Even many developers have voiced their praise for blu-ray. So in a sense your preaching to your own kind because you won't be able to convert anyone else.

Douchebaggery4092d ago

thank you now i see that i've been swindled by sony and their evil plan

thank you so much for making me see the truth i'll return my ps3 to the store

Lord Anubis4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

the image it looks like its an = sign with the cross which would mean not equal in science.