Gamer with illegal Halo 3 Epsilon banned until 9999

A guy with the gamertag 'SCAR' played an illegal copy of Halo 3 Epsilon Beta, and went online. STUPID

He obviously got banned, even until the year 9999. The game was stolen from a Microsoft employee. Xboxkings has a feeling this won't be all Microsoft will let him get away with...

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Ignorant Fanboy4117d ago

Xbox live will be alot better.

Maybe his great grandkids will reinstate his gamertag just for kicks!

Kholinar4117d ago

He'll party like it's 9999... errr... then the Y1M bug will hit?

BloodySinner4117d ago

Ignorant Fanboy will hopefully have no grandkids to continue his generation. Just for kicks!

dantesparda4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

The first 2 guys had funny comments

ShiftyLookingCow4117d ago

that is if Microsoft was incharge of XGame Live for XGame 360

XxZxX4117d ago

you're an idiot. Nasim wouldn't even touch XBOX 360 even he is stuck with it till 9999

VirusE4116d ago

I honestly dont think nasim even owns a ps3. My guess is he has a ps2.

ShiftyLookingCow4117d ago

this reminds me of Y10K problem

SuperSaiyan44117d ago

3 measly weeks to go...And just to get some attention you get weirdos doing stupid things like this...Well its a shame those that get banned will never get IP bans cos that would really help eliminate the modders for good rather than just going out and getting another console...But then thats good for Microsoft as its another console sold LOL!

the worst4117d ago

1 where can go on xboxlive
and 1 modded 360
where they can play back up games