Son, 9, saves dad in runaway truck, Sony GIVES him a PS3

You may remember Gaming Target's story about 9-year-old Matty Lovo saving his father, Matt Lovo, who passed out behind the wheel of his tractor-trailer. Carrying more than 100,000 pounds of weight behind him, young Matty took control of the big rig and called for help via C.B. radio despite never having been behind the wheel of a car.

Now, he can take control of a SIXAXIS controller and save the day virtually this time on his brand new PS3. Sony rewarded Matty with a system and some games for his quick effort, which saved him, his father and others who could've been seriously injured.

The reach of this topic was spurred by Gaming Target, which brought the original story to light on August 10, 2007, the day after a CNN interview with Matty revealed that if he could have anything as a reward (besides his dad, of course), he'd like a PlayStation 3. This easy-to-miss mention was a news afterthought that the author wasn't even sure he'd write about.

However, the author pulled up the CNN transcript to get the exact wording, decided to publish the story, saw it spread around the world via the Internet and now Matty Lovo has a PS3. Finally, an industry news story about video games saving a life rather than being blamed for taking one violently.

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radzy4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

as for sony's policy " if you cant sell them, just give them away"
sony will do anything to try to become market leader.
is that now on vg charts and npd charts for units sold?

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little kids

spiderfish4119d ago


are you aiming for a record?

ShiftyLookingCow4119d ago

interesting while he deserves it, looks like Dad is going to benefit too, but then he may not be a gamer.

BIadestarX4119d ago

I remember reading about this story like 4 months ago. Is this the same kid.. or fathers are starting to let their kids save them from runaway truck in order to get a free PS3 from Sony?

SmokeyMcBear4119d ago

wow.. that was a pretty stupid comment from ya.. i guess you were trying to be funny.. but yeah.. stupid

Mr PS34119d ago

You can remember that far back really Bladestar you for sure smoke the big un anyway good deeds like that should be rewarded with good things like this kid got a PS3 now thats common sense just imagine if they had given him an xbox he'd had plugged it in played on it for 2 hours(if he was lucky)and then the heap of junk would have blown up and burnt there house down some reward that would have been

Daxx4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

No really, this story was already posted before. I'll find the link.

Edit: Ah, forget it. I'm too tired to search for it.

BIadestarX4119d ago

Actually I was not trying to be funny.. or I am trying to undermind kids heroism... but simply that this news was already posted like 4 months ago.. or this is another case. that's all. Only point I was trying to make.

shysun4119d ago

It was posted before but the kid said he wanted a PS3, for the act.Now Sony stepped up and gave him one.

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The story is too old to be commented.