MOTORSTORM splitscreen/offline Multiplayer PETITION

A new petition to sony and evolution games has being circulating the net from ps3 owners and motorstorm fans begging them to add a offline multiplayer patch for the game, fans wishing to vote can check out the petition by clicking on this link:

I personally think that if gamers want to make their petition be heard they got to go out and VOTE, it will only take 1 minute of their time.


Here is an answer to Jed Ashforth, Gameplay Manager for all of MotorStorm’s forthcoming downloadable content, about the MotorStorm revenge weekend comments.

Mr. Jed Ashforth, it seems like you are very exited about the downloadable updates for MotorStorm this weekend, well let me tell you, we are not!!!

It's nice to add new vehicles and tracks to the game, but instead of waisting your time on things that people don't really care of, you can take your time and work on something that really matters to MotorStorm players, and that is the offline multiplayer option, you said that one of the things that makes MotorStorm unique is that every track features multiple routes supporting 7 different vehicle classes, well for most gamers, that is not what makes the game unique and unfortunatly what makes it unique it's the lacking of what they really want in a sports game, the ability to play with their friends without having to go online.

It's really sad to know that you are caring more about online gaming and not what people really wants, for example, you talk about eliminating modes (online), players answer you with multiplayer mode (offline). why don't you take a look at this petition, not even 2 days online and already almost 500 signatures.

Well, you said that you're working on the next big weekend festival, which is top secret, now let's hope it's going to be a good weekend for all of us.

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Evil0Angel4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

they would already done it.
where is the power of :
CELL(poor A.I)
RSK(cross-platform games look better in 360)
BLUE-RAY(HS=5 horse gameplay way to go )

cr33ping_death4093d ago

boy you are a retard fanboy arent you.

masterg4093d ago

Of course it can handle it you jackass.
We have seen it in tons of games. Problem with this one is that they would have to recode it almost from the start to make it possible.

Their first PS3 game = rookie mistakes. (even though its a hell of a great game)

chitown4092d ago

GET a life bro. go on get out of ur moms basement and go do something productive with your life intstead of bashing on the ps3 like a little girl

[email protected]4092d ago

Angel... u need to get a life or a PS3 ASAP ^_^

ARog344092d ago

Yeah, plz, this is not a place to bash... I can tell you the main reason they had taken it out. For one, yes, split-screen was to be added into Motorstorm. The devs decided to take it out (IMO, a good idea) because of the bad framerate issues that had taken place. It wouldn't have ran smooth enough and I wouldn't have wanted to play a weak, choppy 2p race... that'd wouldn't have been fun for it would be broken.

and btw, I believe you should go to school. The spelling is horrendous.

ngg123454092d ago

I'm pretty sure ps3 should be able to.

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unsunghero284092d ago

I actually play a lot with friends. Usually when I play a videogame, it's in the same room with my buds having a good time because I just don't have all that much time for games that are too deep (I make exceptions of course for titans like BioShock or Metroid Prime 3.)

But for Motorstorm I just didn't see the appeal. For what it's worth, Warhawk is more fun anyway, and the fact that it has the most beautifully integrated splitscreen I've ever seen in a video game helps. A lot.

Omegasyde4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

True but what if they added multiplayer and the race was only between the 2 cars (player 1 and 2?). Warhawk was suited for multiplayer, but this game should be too. Why can't games be a bit of everything? Heck I am paying 60 dollars instead of $40 or $50 with last gen's games.

I want my money's worth, don't you?

But you also got to remember splitscreen for a racer should be the "norm" by now like having First Person Shooters having Co-op or some kind of deathmatch.

It seems like the new norm is Online while abandoning splitscreen.

Screw that, this is a new generation of consoles that should have both by now. No excuse, like Certain sports games not running at 60 frames per second or Role playing games having no decent save system. Heck even games now (bioshock and warhawk) are shipped with HUGE glitches.

Double U - Tee - Eph.

Maddens Raiders4092d ago

Motorstorm plays fine the way it is now. Why would you guys want to squeeze this beautiful game into an ugly little space or a god-awful side by side?

Hey #1:

InMyOpinion4092d ago

Because, unlike you, we have offline friends. You know, real people. Bottom line, if a game has online multiplayer it should also have offline multiplayer. Period.

FullyLoaded4204092d ago

Maddens Raiders just got TEABAGGED by JENZO!!


Oh man, Bubbles and a Fat Joint for you homey!!

Bathyj4092d ago

Bring it on. I've probably played more hours on MarioKart64 and Perfect Dark 64 than any other games. The split screen rocked and especially in this day and age with widescreen 50" tv loosing a bit of size isn't that big a trade off to race your mates in the same room as you.

Warhawk, showing the way.

Ri0tSquad4092d ago

Don't get me wrong this game is great but they seriously rushed the hell out of this game.

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