My First Xbox 360 Died Five Years Ago Today

5 Years On: Remembering My First 360.

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kaveti66162695d ago

"And with fellow GamerZines colleague Jon telling me only yesterday that his brand new slim started displaying something that looked like it had come straight out of the Matrix, something tells me these won't be the last."

The whole point of this article was that last sentence. Keep spreading that FUD.

phatak2695d ago

just for the record. My launch ps3 still kicking and alive 4 years and 5000 hours l8tr

Government Cheese2695d ago

I bought all consoles on launch, and they are fine, except the Wii ironically was the only one to have disc reading problems that I had to get repaired.

sku7790tz2695d ago

my 12th 360 just RRODed awhile ago.

Jack-Pyro2695d ago

You never owned a 360 troll, now back under your bridge with you, Shoo!

Peppino72695d ago

My launch 360 still works but I don't play it much. Last game was gears 2. I do wanna play me2 and alan wake though. My 60 gb ps3 also is working really well but im playing that every other day or so.

kaveti66162695d ago

my 360 died a few months ago and I got it repaired for free. i didn't feel the need to write an article about it.

OneSneakyMofo2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

A few months ago compared to five years ago when the three year warranty was nonexistent. Nice damage control though.

On topic: Mine died back in August. I didn't care to pay $60 Live when the PS3 does the same thing for free. I don't miss it a bit.

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awiseman2695d ago

FLIAMBAIT, now that GT5 storm is over and its not perfect as it was made out to be. PS3 fanboys return to bashing Xbox. What a suprise.

deadreckoning6662695d ago

Saying that your 360 got RROD constitutes being a PS3 fanboy?

Matthew942695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

well if i say ANYTHING ps3 critical everyone assumes that i own a 360 and love gears of war even thoough i have a ps3 and pc and thats it

kaveti66162695d ago

talking about your xbox 360 from 5 fucking years ago? and posting it on a fanboy site? and implying that the problem continues with the Slim models?


Vegeta90002695d ago

Saying that your 360 got the RRoD doesn't make you a PS3 fanboy. I guess it's an easy mistake to make because smart people often buy a better console when their 360 dies.

karl2695d ago

actually .. now that the Gt5 trolling articles storm is almost over

Now 360fanboys go back to their caves and wait for the next ps3 esclusive to come out.... its so calm again that we actually have the chance to see articles like this...

they used to be overrun by the GT5 is crap articles u know

Parapraxis2695d ago

@Matthew94 , you do realize your comment history is EASILY checked...right?

Please stop lying.

TreMillz2695d ago

LOL WAT! DAMN! I guess those millions of ppl with rrod 360s love Sony. DUMBEST COMMENT THIS WEEK!

RedDead2695d ago

I never got the red ring, I got the E74 once though which got refurbished for free, but that one was a replacement of another replacement, i've had 3 360's now and the one i have right now is a refurbished model...

Theonik2695d ago

Honestly i don't even know anymore, criticize either of the 3 consoles makes you a fanboy these days apparently. Infact you aren't even allowed to say that your console broke. Things break and that the way they're meant to be ya know?

HolyOrangeCows2695d ago

"Saying that your 360 got RROD constitutes being a PS3 fanboy?"

Of course; 20-50% of all 360 owners are PS3 fanboys. Didn't you know?

RedDevils2695d ago

the pint is kaveti6616 is what percentage of the slim died compared to 360 RROD guess you already know the answer

shoddy2695d ago

RROD = shoddy hardware

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Chubear2695d ago ShowReplies(3)
CrzyFooL2695d ago

JUST died. Took 5 years. Had a good run with it.


HolyOrangeCows2695d ago

If 5 years is a "good run", then I guess all of my 6th generation and before systems surviving 10+ years is a freaking miracle? No. No, 5 years is NOT a "good run"

Newtype2695d ago

Wow, even the new ones break?

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Motorola2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I never knew of the Red dot of death...I thought they fixed it ^ oh well.

gamerz2694d ago

We don't know yet since they typically take 12-18 months to fail. Though it's unlikely a redesigned console would have the same problems.

Buffniceguy2695d ago

Yeah if you don't like the 360 automatic Ps3 fanboy I love the logic here :)

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