Lair & Remote Play the next big thing?

There are a lot of rumors flying around now that all games on the PS3 will support remote play some day, this is especially heightened by the new release of Lair and everyone jumping on their PSP to play.

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taz80804120d ago

I have heard form quite a few people that have either a PS3 or a PSP that have become interested in getting the counter part in order to use the remote play function. This could be huge for SOny if implemented in a good way.

mighty_douche4120d ago

no other console/manufacturer can offer this! its funny, just as remote play appears, so does a new psp..... ?

Bazookajoe_834120d ago

Imagine playing warhawk on youre psp =)

taz80804120d ago

warhawk on your psp would be sweet, even imagine being on vacation and leaving your PS3 on while being able to log in via your PSP, or even on the way to work. Now we are taking pretty kool idea.

drunkpandas4120d ago

Warhawk would be great... I just don't think the gameplay would work well because of the PSP not having a right analog stick

Snukadaman4120d ago

broadband will kill any idea of playing games from remote play...look honestly..if they have not caught on with the PSN yet what makes you even hope they can iron out any problems with ps3/psp compatibility...I just think the focus should be on the ps3 right now because psp is doing ok and there seems too be alot of problems with the ps3. 10 minute wait for warhawk games, and getting dropped from games are problems...I admit I have been dropped from a couple of games but not as much as i have been reading in the forums..and before any little kid tries and calls me a fanboy i have been in the playstation underground since 1997..GAP member since 2003.

R2-JD4120d ago (Edited 4120d ago )

...but you have limited controls on the PSP. No R2, L2, R3, L3, or Right analog stick. Not to mention it isn't as responsive. It will only work well on games that don't use all of the Sixaxis controls. Something like Gran Turismo 5 would be great to play with remote play.

It is a very cool feature and I do like the idea, but only on certain games.


taz80804120d ago

yeha you lose some controls but just think of it as getting a free PSP game with the purchase of a PS3 title. Instead of waiting for a port you can just stream it over and rock out on the move.

drunkpandas4120d ago

I think this is the biggest downfall for this feature. The developers would have to re-map all the controls to make the PSP remote play work properly. In same cases, it wouldn't work because you just dont have enough buttons.

Blood_Spiller4120d ago

Hopefully GTA IV has this feature, I'd take this over DLC any day.

DJ4120d ago

We could hook up our Sixaxis controllers to our PSPs and play our PS3 games that way. Of course there's the issue of having a PSP stand...somehow. Kind of inconvenient, but it's a good solution.

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The story is too old to be commented.