Peter Moore Talks Console Wars

After a couple months of silence from the just appointed President of EA Sports, Peter Moore is making a grand debut this week at the Electronic Arts' Studio Showcase. The press event was held to show off EA's upcoming GameShow for the PC, which also has the possibility of seeing PS3 and Xbox 360 release, depending on how the PC version fares. Following the event, GameSpot sat down to interview Peter Moore.

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DrPirate4065d ago

Moore stated, “my new favorite console,” in reference to the PS3, while holding a SixAxis controller. “And now here’s my other favorite console,” in reference to Wii, while holding a Wii remote and nunchuk.

The man radiates professionalism and Godliness amongst other company reps.

jay34065d ago

He is my favorite Businessman.

Him and that other guy from Microsoft who act's like a 10 year old kid with 'Roids and a hell of a lot of Frosties in him everytime he does a conference...

XxZxX4065d ago

huh?? new favourite console is PS3. I think he is saying to get him neutral. Lot of pressure on him since he's joinning and XBOX 360 Madden ran better.

Hatchetforce4065d ago

Moore isn't an idiot. He knows full well that by next year's end Sony will have THE console to beat. He has to look after EA sports and he knows that traditionally Playstation sits in the catbird seat there.

XxZxX4065d ago

of course, he used to lead Sega, and Microsoft consoles division. Failure or not, I dont think anyone here can match his position. If he is an idiot, he wouldn't make it there. That guy is smart and he used his limp to get more PR too.

mighty_douche4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

he can avoid being biased towards the 360, peter moore could do good things for EA! for ALL of us!

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The story is too old to be commented.