Former PS3 Owner Trolls Customer With Letter?

For those who don’t have an original PS3, there’s a lid covering the slots on the console’s front. Slots that are perfect for mini SD cards or – better yet – letters. That’s exactly what was found in one PS3.

Recently, a Japanese gamer bought a used 60GB PS3. Apparently, the guy found a folded piece of paper in one of the slots that somehow slipped by the game shop staff.

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Cajun Chicken2731d ago

PS3; It Only Does Time Capsule.

rroded2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

the handwriting looks “childish” and “stupid”.
lol i bet poor kid selling them ps3's while the 360's sit rotting on jap shelves.

@4cough "a Japanese gamer bought a used 60GB PS3"

From the article I'd say the date of the letter would be impossible to guess given the facts presented... Still funny to see a raging 360 fan in Japan.

-Alpha2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Japanese 360 Fan(boy)? Paradox! *Head Explodes*

I wonder if he is regretting his decision lol.

If this is real then I could understand his pessimism.

Even here in NA we remember that the future of the PS3 was surrounded by hysteria since the industry was unfamiliar with the brand & Sony doing so poorly.

Cevapi882731d ago

wait, how was the future of the PS3 surrounded with hysteria...the PS2 was a massive success

i think you are talking about the original PS1, because before then, Sony was not involved in gaming

-Alpha2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )


Sony's future was questionable, the PS3 was doing poorly to uphold the brand's legacy, and the Xbox simply was doing better:

Both MS and Nintendo were doing better
Highest price point, Sony lost a lot of money
Sony as a company wasn't doing well
Poor launch titles
MS was trumping them with the exclusives and online service
Nintendo was gaining huge marketshare
Sony lost the most marketshare this gen, something unfathomable for the brand which has a reputation for being instant successes
Loss of exclusives/3rd party support
Poor PSN functionality
Failed games (Lair, Haze)

You are right, the PS2 was a major success. But the fact of the matter is that the PS3 had many things going against it and this created hysteria, doubt, and lots of heated debates. Doing poorly was uncharted waters for the brand and many fans were afraid.

Don't you remember the numerous "PS3 is doomed" topics?

The beauty is that Sony turned all of this around and they have been doing great, but this wasn't always the case

mindedone2731d ago

OR the letter could have been addressed 1 Oct 2008 like the article says and like the picture of the letter says

Rival_312731d ago

The kid who sold this is sad.

Game-ur2731d ago

The PS3 did have a rough start, after the first year the future looked bad, the 360 on the other hand was cheap and had exclusives left and right, from platformers like Kemeco to JRPGS like LO TOV and more, and games like Bioshock, Dead Rising, Lost Planet and more, that’s before we were aware of timed exclusivity.

On the other hand PS3 lost exclusives like DMC4, Assassins Creed, RE and GTA4, and no GT5. Alongside the high price and devs complaining about the hardware, many thought it was over. I myself never got on till mid 2009.

But all this pressure is what made the PS3 the best consol at the moment, it created development tools for 3rd party studios, lowered the price, improved the PSN, and worked hard on creating a big first party lineup full of AAA games, and 2011 looks like the biggest yet.

IRetrouk2731d ago

how can you say that the ps3 was doing worse than the 360 when the ps3 has been outselling it worldwide since launch, the only people that thought it was going down was rabid fanboys, the only probs the ps3 had was price, i bought one anyway due to the fact that it was actualy worth it, and those doom article were made by those same fanboys. oh and poor launch title, tell me one launch game on the 360 that was any better. also the brand has never been an instant success it took years for the ps1 to come out on top, at one point the saturn was beating it in sale, same with ps2 the dreamcast came out flying then ps2 slowly took over.

HolyOrangeCows2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

That troll needs to upgrade from pen and paper to a "victim"/"Mah opinionz" account on N4G.

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Vherostar2730d ago

Comical read and I like articles like these they give me something to laugh at.

MmaFanQc2730d ago


4cough2731d ago

That ps3 was on the shelf for a while.

BDSE2731d ago

Yeah because most people buy them new!

ford10012731d ago

yeah it was there for a while, approve?

ThePhuq2731d ago

So glad this article got approved

kasasensei2731d ago

In japan? Looks like fake.. :p

j-blaze2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

agreed, if what he wrote was true...he would have added the "source" of that news and it must be from a japanese site, but he didn't ...

seems very fake to me...

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