New Ratchet & Clank Future Game Shows PS3 Potential

Gaming Guru reports:

I made my annual trip to Insomniac Games' studio, which is located just across the street from the Burbank Airport. While last year's focus was the new Resistance: Fall of Man first-person shooter for PlayStation 3, this year, the company's returning to its roots with Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. The new game, which ships October 23, is just what Sony needs to entice gamers to fork over the $500 for its next gen console.

I had the chance to play through a variety of levels at the studio last week and this game is shaping up to be an amazing new adventure. The high definition visuals really bring the characters and the unique planets in this universe to life. The game comes packed with a full hour of CGI that's not too far away from what you see in a Pixar movie.

But its the gameplay that's always been the winning ingredient in these games. The list of new weapons and gadgets is pretty long and there are some really cool new toys to use to take down the variety of enemies.

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americanGTA4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

this game is gonna kick ass

I cant wait till the demo (i think the demo is gonna come out before release)

nasim4093d ago

Just to let you guy know that WARHAWK reached the 250 000 mark yesterday.

100 000 copies downloaded from PSN (online) and around 150 000 sold at RETAILERS .

250 000 copies in 7 days . thats amazing

bad reviews by NASTY BOTTISH websites like GAMESPOT (that gave 2worlds a 7/10. two worlds got 2/10 from gamespy and 1/10 from DOUPE CZ) ,GAYGN ,1up and all its affiliates couldnt prevent LAIR from selling over 200 000 copies in just 5 days of its release.

Ps3 is in a killing spree this year.

Heavenly sword would sell atleast 300 000 copies alone on the 1st day of its launch.

HS,LAIR,UNCHARTED,RATCHET and CLANK,UNCHARTED,UNREAL TOURNAMENT 3,HAZE ,GT5 prologue, FOLKLORE ----surely the ps3 would kill low powered and defective x360 with no games ( bioshock and Gears on PC too. UT3 is upgraded version of Gears)

Evil0Angel4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )


lonestarmt4093d ago

This, heavenly sword, and uncharted look like the true big hitters this year. Gosh ps3 has a lot of good games this christmas. Insomniac has already made one great game on the ps3, and naughty dog has never let me down. Even with all the console wars going on this is the best time to be a gamer, now if they only would release games in the summer!!

Evil0Angel4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

@blow nasim:
*FORZA2 is already out/ PGR4 coming OCT
YOUR ULTRBLAH blah blah hopfully christmas 2008/ europe 2009
*gears:we played it last year, good to know you finally got something that can match it, but also comin to 360..ops

*LAIR:big chunk of wank
*half-assed goddes of war: 5 horse game play = way to go Blue-ray

*HALO3 will sell in few months more than PS3 will sell in a year

*mass effect GOY=there is no any issues from what you mentioned, and it is from THE LEGENDARY BIOWARE

nasim4093d ago

How come this BOT isnt banned?

Your HALO3 looks like a cartoon game with powerpuff Kids . with extremely poor textures and graphical quality why this BOT is still bragging about garbage box 360 ---a dead console in Both EU and JAPAN.

ur mass effect disappointed almost all the guests at GC. it features lilliput low poly aliens and cartoon graphics like halo 3 with poor textures.

which x360 game is good?

u have GEARS ..we have upgraded Unreal Tournament 3.

u have Forza 2/PGR4 with wii graphics. we have ultrarealistic GT5.

LAIR graphically makes all ur garbage box 360 games look like wii games.

GET this nasty BOT out of this forum

MikeGdaGod4093d ago

but i think i'll get this one. my girlfriend is really excited about it so i guess its a definate buy for me.

HowarthsNJ4093d ago

Play those while you're waiting (Avoid "DeadLocked" for now though).

At least get the first three games in the series.

secret4093d ago

I thought girls didn't like gamers.

PimpHandHappy4093d ago

i never played these games but i will have to give this game a try. Maybe rent it first.

good days

secret4093d ago

BUY IT YOU SISSY. don't rent...ha ha

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