European PSN Store has been updated

According to forum posters on Sony's community forums the European PSN store has received its weekly update.

- Motorstorm Pass VIP Coyote Revenge £3.99
- GT 5 trailer
- Heavenly Sword Trailer
- Lair Trailer
- The Invasion Trailer

No sign of Stranglehold or FIFA 2008 demo's that where touted to appear this week, but given that the European Store gets everything late this really shouldn't be a surprise for anyone.


Motorstorm Pass VIP Coyote Revenge is €5.99 if your currency is Euros.

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AliC3634d ago

I thought the image was quite appropriate.

Someone at SCEE needs to get there act together.

HeartlesskizZ3634d ago

lol im stil luffing at that image, no update for me if there is no
SH demo.

JIN KAZAMA3634d ago

home for lunch in about half an hour. Will Check then.

Marceles3634d ago

I have a feeling this week's updates are gonna suck for NA as well

Darkiewonder3634d ago

for NA PSN Store


Jk. One demo actually.

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The story is too old to be commented.