Clive Barker's Jericho Interview

This Halloween, there's something especially wicked heading your way as Codemasters prepares to unleash its squad-based terror-fest, Clive Barker's Jericho. Created by the famed writer of such horror classics as Hellraiser and Nightbreed, Jericho plunges you into a terrifying world of hideous monsters, spectral children and enough tentacles to satiate even the most demanding manga fetishist.

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power of Green 4115d ago

Why does this game look like Heavenly Sword.

I wanted this game but the looks alone I decided I'll pass thats how much this look! bothers me.

TeaDouble_E4115d ago

Seriously what makes you think this game looks like Heavenly Sword ! How can some one take you seriously when you cant tell the difference between two games or any other.

Antan4115d ago

HS? oh dear. I can tell you guys from my time working on the game, it looks absolutley nothing like Heavenly Sword, how you came to this conclusion is beyond me!!!!

rev204114d ago

Dont worry guys this guy is obviously blind, just read his post

3rd post down his comparison shot says it all lol.

power of Green 4114d ago

Are you two saying HS doesn't use alot of Golds, Browns, Yellows as primary colors?. lol

Dude calls me out with an ugly ass pic telling I'm out of my mind. lol

Antan4114d ago

Im sorry but "Why does this game look like Heavenly Sword." doesn`t come across as "Are you two saying HS doesn't use alot of Golds, Browns, Yellows as primary colors?".

Maybe if you had said "Why does this game look like Heavenly Sword with its brown, yellow and gold colours?", you may of gotten an answer you were looking for.

I will say again, there is a varied pallete used throuout the game, with each time slice having a different look and feel. Of course there are the colours you mentioned, but remember the type of game this is. The artistic design for Jericho is perfect for what the game needs to achieve. Not everything needs to be colourful and vibrant like Halo3 for example. All depends on what look you are going for.