Valve:"User created content is beginning to see itself on the Xbox 360"

Every week, there is a new mutation released on both PC and Xbox 360 for Left 4 Dead 2, but today's one (december the 3rd) is the most important to notice since it announces that community created mods is striving to make its way for the Xbox gaming with the next week's upcoming mutation:

Mutation Madness!

"As we continue to update bi-weekly, we will be incorporating some of these community Mutations. To make a Mutation, you will need to build and test your mutation on the PC but we will release them on both PC and Xbox 360. So user created content is beginning to see itself on the Xbox 360!"

Update: The Left 4 dead 2 user created mods for mutations can be enjoyed by Xbox 360 owners ONLY after buying "The passing" DLC (and Left 4 Dead 2 of course).

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Convas2758d ago

This is VERY good news ... it means that Valve may be cracking pieces of MS' shield. A bit of hope for the future, me thinks.

FanboyPunisher2758d ago

Open it up MS, you know it'll only add more value to your service; you dont give enough to justify 60 bucks a year as is... keep provide'n for us son.

-Kenny Gizzle, OUT.


evrfighter2758d ago

Gabe Newell wow.

The man is changing gaming for the better.

Kalowest2758d ago

MS/XBL was tightly closed, but it only took a Valve to open it.

Christopher2758d ago

Eh, it's lackluster, IMHO. You have to make it on the PC and then it _could_ make its way to the 360. And, it requires additional DLC.

Microsoft needs to just open their infrastructure and allow independent platforms to work alongside the XBL infrastructure, much like cloud elements.

OtherWhiteMeat2758d ago

This sounds better : Valve:"FREE user created content is beginning to see itself on the Xbox 360!"

PLASTICA-MAN2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

No it is not free since you NEED TO BUY the DLC to play it!
Well for "FREE" user created content on consoles, you need to go on PS3, it was the case a long time ago with Unreal Tournament 3 (maps, mods, skins, mutators, etc..) and it will be the same case for the upcoming valve games on PS3 beginning with Portal 2.

sp1deynut2758d ago

Um...I think you missed his point, dude. He's saying he'd be more excited, if that was the case...he's not saying the headline is worded incorrectly or anything. :o

antz11042758d ago

A step in the right direction, the mutations in L4D2 are such a good mode to play.


Cajun Chicken2758d ago

Sounds like 'cooking' on PS3's version of UTIII. About time too.

divideby02758d ago

finally, but there was no requirements to purchase DLC for the PS3.. Also the built in browser made downloading free content a snap

Wizziokid2758d ago

MS should allow Valve to give the 360 version of the game the support they want too...

hopefully when L4D is released on PS3 we will see player maps being ported into the ps3 version.

antz11042758d ago

...and character updates. I wanna go medival on someone with an axe wrapped in barbed wire dammit.

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