David Jaffe shows off "lost" Twisted Metal levels (3 images)

Twisted Metal Black II was canned a couple of years ago, but some of its levels are still coming to the PS2, according to David Jaffe's blog.

The Eat, Sleep, Play video game designer writes that the PS2 port of Twisted Metal: Head-On will use some of the unreleased game's levels in a bonus feature called Twisted Metal: Lost. Jaffe even included some lost level screenshots. Though the images represent a work-in-progress with red bars as placeholders for things to come, the idea of all-new levels for this PSP-to-PS2 translation makes the title all the more tempting.

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Arkham3995d ago

Can't wait to see these. I loved TMB. I hope they include some lost cinematics too.

Robotz Rule3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

But I'm still hoping for a next-gen TM game on the PS3:)

Kleptic3995d ago


this will hold me over nicely for a while i guess...but hopefully a all new PS3 game will be announced soon...

xionpunk3995d ago

twisted metal black was one of the greatest games ever.Multi-player awesomeness!!!!