Report: Online features double game sales, Wii trails

According to a new report published today, video games with online components such as Xbox Live bring in twice the revenue as those played offline. The study, which examined more than 400 games for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii through to June 1, found that titles supporting online multiplayer bring in twice the amount of sales than those without. Even games with minimal online support tend to make almost 25 percent more revenue than offline games.

"Developers who are not embracing online opportunities to a greater level are leaving money on the table," said Geoffrey Zatkin, president of Electronic Entertainment Design and Research.

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BLaZiN PRopHeT4121d ago

So i guess Sega has been leaving money on the table with the PS3.

VT3 and VF5 dont have online support for the ps3. but hey atleast they are trying to make it back with the 360

tplarkin74121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

I know we keep hearing that the PS3 is non-developer friendly, but Xbox Live is easy for developers to support. Microsoft maintains the servers and provides the software infrastructure.

This is why Sega is able to make VT3 and VF5 online for 360.

4121d ago
Lygre4121d ago

If games like Halo 3, PGR4 and COD4 didn't have online play I wouldn't look as much forward to them as I am now. I mean...driving and shooting games without good online support is almost useless to me. (unless it's a hardcore singleplayer game like Bioshock).