How 2K markets BioShock like a Hollywood Blockbuster

BioShock was a risky product for the marketing department at 2K Games. The product has a complex premise and a mature theme, it's made by an unknown developer, it's not based on a movie or franchise, there is no celebrity attached to it, it has a stylized art deco look, and it has soundtracks consist of period pieces. BioShock was difficult to sell. So how did 2K decide to approach the skeptical market with it?

By treating BioShock like a Hollywood movie.

For BioShock, 2K used many different marketing tools and techniques from the movie industry. In this article, The Hollywood Reporter interviews 2K's marketing and development teams, and finds out how they worked together and turned BioShock into a "triple-A" blockbuster.

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nice_cuppa4117d ago

bioshock is a great looking game.
i understand its a hd game and you cant show that to people on a sd screen.

how about showing the game and putting a comment saying looks even better on a hd screen.

always show the real game.

nirwanda4117d ago

especially for a game that looks this good it just leaves people not knowing what the game is like it's a bit misleading really

how they should have done it would be to say all this footage is in game and shown some of the water tech demo and end it with the plane crashing through the glass dome at the end.

water tech demo