7 Reasons Why Microsoft is Doomed

Not this year, not next year… but soon - almost certainly by the next decade.

"#1. Their business model is a dead-end. - Back when Microsoft first started business in 1980, software as a commodity was still a fuzzy concept. Computers, themselves, were flying off the shelves, and of course you bought game cartridges for game consoles, but what little computer software was being sold in the early 1980's was worth a few dollars at the most. And then came "Micro-soft" - a BASIC interpreter on a floppy disk in a zip-lock plastic baggy! But somehow, it caught on. "

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TriggerHappy4120d ago

Internetfinancialnews writes an article in response to this one :

RadientFlux4119d ago

opps wasn't supposed to be a response

nasim4119d ago

Vista is not selling at all.

x360 is the least selling console in The world with 2k sales per week ONLY in JAPAN and EU

the 3D LINDOWS would be launched this year.

for sure x360 is finished and so is MS

VirusE4119d ago

Nasim you are an idiot, please see attached photo. The xbox 360 is WORLD WIDE the no 2 selling console.

RadientFlux4119d ago

bah get a better looking website/blog and then maybe I'll actually care about what you have to say.

back on topic I bet this story gets approved before "Many Reasons Why Microsoft Is Not Doomed"

TriggerHappy4119d ago

Yeah it was actually RGP's suggestion that, I let this get published first then I bring the one you are referring to second.

ktchong4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

I think you should put the other one back up NOW. Microsoft positive news always take much longer than negative news to get through. If you put that one back up now, the timing should be about right.

Bill Gates4119d ago


I can think of AT LEAST 50 more reasons....AAHAHAHAHAhA

Good article by the way.

N4GayFanturds4119d ago

Why this site is doomed??!!

ukilnme4119d ago

You won't see it. The fanatics here love to spread negative news about the console makers.

XxZxX4119d ago

then why are you here?

ukilnme4119d ago

Don't know if that was for me or not but to answer your question, it is a source of entertainment when I am not to busy at work. I like to laugh at the silly people on this site that carry on like they own stock in these companies, defending their favorites and bashing the others as if it will make a difference. Whose payroll are you on?

Dannagar4119d ago

I didn't read the article, only the headline. I just wanted to say that Microsoft is worth Hundreds of billions if dollars. It doesn't matter how much they screw up, they can afford anything. They could buy both Nintendo and Sony if they wanted.

mighty_douche4119d ago

lol, if that doesnt sum it up i dont know what does.....

HarryEtTubMan4119d ago

Then why don't they do that just end the console war?? I guess u forgot Sony owns Touchtone, Columbia, Tristar and MGM making over 45%-55% of all movies made...PLAYSTATION (that name has a VERY different fanbase than anything Microsoft has done). Look at their electronics... The best on the market... my parents taught me that when I was little ...everyone likes to buy Sony if they can afford it.. u will get ur moneys worth without it self destructing on u(snicker)..O and the music industry...this isn't a little nintendo company ur talking about ....Sony might not not be be worth quite as much as Microsoft..but still worth hundreds of billions... Microsoft could never buy Sony, don't be dumb because ur a fanboy.

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The story is too old to be commented.