Many Reasons Why Microsoft Is Not Doomed

Internetfinancialnews writes :

"We are not Microsoft fanboys, nor are we Linux fanboys, so there is no particular stake here at all, yet we just have to rebut the idea of...

We all love to hate the big lad on the street, and there is no doubt that Microsoft has its issues just like any other big company, pick one at random, IBM (who was going to die in the 1980's), Sun (who was going to die in 2000), Yahoo (who is supposed to die this year), Coke (who is always going to die because Pepsi is cleaning their clocks), Nintendo (because their new box was not hard core enough, we are sure there are people laughing at that one), Sony (because the PS3 is in 3rd place and they love root kits), there are a million ways that a company can die, and there are a million groups that will secretly rejoice in their death."

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TriggerHappy4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

See this ? A positive Microsoft and 360 article, will you please stop calling me a fanboy ? Thanks.

This article is in direct response to this :

BIadestarX4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

[Mmmm.. great I idea.. all we have to do is post 1 article about some good news about the other camp... and !!!! I am not a famboy!]

I have a better Idea.. how about you people.. stop posing $h!t about someone's opinion without facts that means nothing anyone in this site.... These freaken articles are only aim to add fuel to the already out of control flame war in this site... which you seem to be one of the major contributors of.

TriggerHappy4114d ago

Yup...right after that first one got approved, this one also followed.

mistertwoturbo4114d ago

lol i love how retarded this site can be with they're articles

"7 Reasons why Microsoft is doomed" followed by a "Microsoft is not doomed"

tplarkin74114d ago

I don't see a competitor to Windows. As long as Windows is on every PC, MS won't die.

gta_cb4114d ago

obviously you havnt been reading all the news lately, Linux is now being sold pre-installed on Dell computers.

VirusE4114d ago

Reason no.1 money and truck loads of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.