Dump your PC and Get a PS3

Digital Gamer asks:

"Are you still running on a single core Intel with 256 MB of RAM and a nVidia 5200? You may be thinking it's time to upgrade that jalopy setup you have and go to the shiny, candy coated world of Vista. Whoa! Hold yer horses there, cowboy! A better option lies around the corner from a source you may not have expected: Your Playstation. Since late last year, Yellow Dog Linux (Made by Terra Soft Solutions) has been the official secondary operating system for Playstation 3 (GameOS is the default). Other versions of Linux have been confirmed as being compatible, including Ubuntu, Fedoro Core 7, Gentoo, and Debian but, I'm am unaware if they are as easy to install or if they even work as well as Yellow Dog."

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TriggerHappy4092d ago

If my PC specs were like that, I would seriously consider this offerr. I mean for the asking price of PS3 and the ability to install other operating systems on it "legally", i would take a look at the offer.


PS3 is optimized to run Linux. Actually I install XP on my PS3 using Yellow Dog, but it ran damn slow cuz I was running 3 OS on my PS3, but yeah chaning hard-drive, install another OS, use blue-tooth mouse and keyboard, and other third-party peripherals are legal on PS3.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4092d ago

Cheapest Way out for Servers.

Every half decent IT person knows Servers and programming- UNIX/Linux.
For Graphics Design, sound production, Video editing bla bla. Can also be used easy for normal office work and school work - MAC
For people who think Windows is a very good OS its only good for gaming. ONLY. Nothing more its total crap full of bugs (espcially Vista)

reaperxciv4092d ago

if you are:
7 - 12 years old - Get a Nintendo DS (Brain Age 1 & 2 is good for this age bracket)
13 & up - Get a PSP & a Wii
18 & up - 360/PS3/Wii(why 18 and up? so we won't have to contend with pesky adolescents with girl sounding voices online bugging the host to "hey, start the game!")

The Real Joker4092d ago

Agreed with the 18 and up comment. I hate to say it but The 360 and PS3 should be 18+ only consoles. I hate immaturity on PSN or Live but that is apart of it. On topic: why not upgrade your PC AND get a PS3. Get a 360 too. Having all of them make for the best gaming scenario. This way you can play ANY game you want no matter what it is released on.

VirusE4092d ago

Hell why not make it 22 and up:)! 14 - 21 year old males on xbox live are so c0cky and they love to talk tons of trash.

AllroundGamer4092d ago

lol that is so true :D also when those little rascals start to rap :D

Figboy4092d ago

age, that is.

i'm 28 years old, and i know *PLENTY people my age that you'd think were still in grade school.

age doesn't have much of anything to do with a person's ability to conduct him/herself like a civilized human being. that's something good parenting should take care of.

i laughed at your comment though, because there was some kid on Warhawk last week, i could have sworn he sounded 10, telling everyone to "lick his balls," when they kept killing him.

he was probably 17, but just sounded like a little b*tch. i made sure i killed him good.

pilotpistolpete4092d ago

BUt what about all the stoners and drunk people? ps3/xbox should be for 17 year olds only. Old enough to stop whinning and too young to get smashed drunk and annoy players.

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iceice1234092d ago

For a bit more than it costs for a PS3 you could build a decent gaming computer of newegg and be set. Doesn't make sense to me.

DEADEND4092d ago

For the first time I agree with you a strong PC is way better then any console on the market, look at the PC's out on the market that can run BIOSHOCK or CRYSIS they sh1t on any consoles out right now and I mean PS3,360 and WII. I own a PS3 and 360 but I would kill to have a PC that I can play CRYSIS on.

mighty_douche4092d ago

it cost me around £1500/$3000 for the tower alone and i still doubt it will be able to run crysis at max with a res of 1920x1080.


you know I just build a PC with my friends
A sound proved tower cost me $70 after rebate,
Mother-board $220
ATI-x1950 pro $140
4 fans - $60
2gig ram - $160
CPU- intel core duo - 140
(non DVD- I use external HD.)
(Didnt buy a screen, use the old one)
that's about $790 total....

But I still think that invest $499 on a PS3, I got blu-ray and 7-core processor plus SPN service and more....

RadientFlux4092d ago

bah I would never get trade in my PC for a PS3.

I use my PC 8 hours a day for work and PS3 has too my limitations (512 mb) and not enough applications for me to use it as a work station.

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