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Years ago, a war raged in Antaloor between man and Orc, ending in the imprisonment of the Orc god Aziraal in a magical, manmade tomb. Three centuries have passed, and a group of Dwarven miners uncovers the grave, increasing tensions once again between man and Orc. The single-player mode in Two Worlds calls for the player to be a human mercenary searching for a sister who has been kidnapped. The kidnappers demand that you find the token to unlock the tomb, but of course, nothing is ever easy in clichéd storylines.

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RadientFlux4093d ago

I've played about 6 hours of Two Worlds and I have to say while once you get past the slow-down issues that game isn't bad.

The storyline is something else, I remember the developer stating that the game will have an epic storyline and be close to 100 hours long. Now that I am hearing from reviewers that the game can be beat in 11 hours I doubt the storyline will get more interesting then the standard save the princess/girl friend/sister.

Overall very disappointing I guess I am going to have to wait in till Mass Effect to get my epic storyline fix.

Chabbs04093d ago

the 5th review of this game, we dont really need anymore