Lazygamer's Gran Turismo 5 Review – Here’s To The Dreamers's Nick De Bruyne, raised on a diet of gasoline and engine grease, reviews highly anticipated sim racer GT5 after spending a considerable amount of time with the game. What did he, as an enthusiast, think of it?

"As lifelong petrol-heads, songs like Radar Love sit comfortably in our music libraries, waiting for their chance to be freed on some lonely highway somewhere, when the lanes are empty and the right foot feels heavy. It is, for car lovers like us, that games like Gran Turismo first came into existence and truth be told, it’s still a mystery to me how it caught on with casual gamers as well.

The important thing however, is that Gran Turismo 5 is finally out and after spending an entire week with Gran Turismo 5, we are happy to finally bring you the long awaited and in-depth review of Gran Turismo 5."

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WobblyOnion2515d ago

I just want this for the Karts, man!

granthinds2515d ago

To be fair and honest with you, the karts were my favourite part, unexpectedly awesome :)

AKS2515d ago

A special event called "Grand Tour" that takes you through a small series of races through Italy has been my favorite part so far. Jeff Gordon's driving school has easily been my personal low point of the game, the only part of GT5 I've disliked. Overall it's been bloody fantastic.

granthinds2515d ago

Excellent and comprehensive review. It's not perfect but a good ride. If I can say that.

JOLLY12515d ago

....a lot like my ex-girlfriend!

ianfelmore2515d ago

The kart's are awesome, but I cant put aside my disappointment. @Grant: With all the delays, amount of production time and hype, it should have been perfect. A monumental fail in my mind.

granthinds2515d ago

I agree, just scared to verbalise my honest opinion on N4G with all these PS3 fanboys around salivating to bubble me down because I have my own opinion. Sigh.

granthinds2515d ago

See what I mean? 6 Disagrees for saying I have my own opinion. Just saying.

Terarmzar2515d ago

State your opinion without bringing fanboys up, when you do that all you do is bring attention to them.

OliverKO2515d ago

Hyperbole like 'monumental fail' isn't justified - it's an excellent game that had no chance of living up to the hype. Perfection isn't possible, even with so many years in production.

WobblyOnion2515d ago

Yeah, I'm inclined to agree. It may be disappointing, but with the fact that it offers superlative simulation, it can hardly be called a "monumental fail."

ocnkng2515d ago

It isn't perfect. But guess what no game is. Perfection is hard to achieve my friend.
So you expected it to be perfect and it wasn't, how does that go from there to 'monumental fail'?
The only fail is your argument.

Masterchef20072515d ago

good review but why not a 9.0?

WobblyOnion2515d ago

I think it's to signify that it *just* falls short of greatness.

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The story is too old to be commented.