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Back to the Future: The Game debut trailer

Gametrailers writes:

"The five-part epic adventure through time starts now!" (Back To The Future: The Game, iPad, PC, PS3)

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TurismoGTR  +   1387d ago
Im digging this game.. Looks fun.
OliverKO  +   1387d ago
Definitely looking forward to it! ;)
TurismoGTR  +   1387d ago
Same.. I'm a huge fan of the Back to the future series!
zootang  +   1387d ago
PC and PS3 only?
Hideo_Kojima  +   1387d ago
5 episodes is this like the Sam & Max game that is coming free to PSN+ this month?
Lord_Doggington  +   1387d ago
hoping for day of the tentacle quality
Lucreto  +   1387d ago
Pre-ordered weeks ago and I can't wait for it.
stuntman_mike  +   1387d ago
Me 2 cant wait to get my mits on this.
Theoneneo81  +   1387d ago
Woah this is heavy
perfectCarbonara  +   1387d ago
lol, 360 gets the short end of the stick once again.
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Infernostew  +   1387d ago
I think ms have a problem releasing only the episodic chapters on xbla.
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Theoneneo81  +   1387d ago
actually its from the xbla size limit. thats why its not on 360.
Blacktric  +   1387d ago
"20 Sep 2010 (74d ago )"

Now that's a lol'ing material.
Cloudberry  +   1387d ago
"Are you calling me a chicken!?!?!?"

Is Marty still Michael J. Fox?
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gamerdude132  +   1387d ago
No, an imitator named A.J. LoCascio.
Lionalliance  +   1387d ago
Is not voiced by Michael sadly, they hire a guy that as the same voice as him.
ilkercruiser  +   1387d ago
Delorean's GFX
It looks like a Ps2 game...
visualb  +   1387d ago
i think its meant to be frost...look closely at when he kicks the door . some decent detail

not perfect...but not ps2!
PeeWizzle  +   1387d ago
That looked like shit. Make it like Heavy Rain. Games based off films should be cinematic.
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Simco876  +   1387d ago
Story line looks like fun, gameplay will most likely be a different story.

"Make like a tree....and get outta here!"
Infernostew  +   1387d ago
Telltale can do no wrong in my eyes. Can't wait to play this game!
visualb  +   1387d ago
love back to the future =D but...will this be any good?! =O
Kran  +   1387d ago
can someone tell me how this works?

So Back to the Future is being released (lets just go with the PS3 for this) from December onwards.

It's going to be released as 5 parts and sold in retail.

So is it that the disc is going to be sold and each part, for those who have the disc, can be downloaded for free on the days of release, but those who dont have the retail disc pay?

I made that sound confusing.... EXPLAIN! :(
thebudgetgamer  +   1387d ago
i wonder if the racism, date rape, terrorism and incestual undertones from the movie will be there.
morkendo23  +   1387d ago
graphic could been better if on ps3

DOC 1.21 jigga-watts.. MARTY: 1.21 jigga-watts???.. thats heavy... doc: u keep saying heavy, will 1985 be heavy???
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Bass_fisherman  +   1387d ago
OMG its 1986!!! its teh future!
Merivigian  +   1386d ago
Hope they release a disc version once all of the episodes are released, sort of how Red Dead is doing with the Undead Nightmare pack.
hazelamy  +   1386d ago
looks cool, but it's a shame they didn't show any gameplay.

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