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Sony, Toshiba Unleash New Arsenal in Blu-ray vs HD-DVD Format War

While much is at stake in the high-def format war, both Sony Electronics and Toshiba America Consumer Electronics, at least, seem to be having a good time with it all.

Toshiba representatives, dressed in "Star Trek" uniforms, were virtually "beamed" onto the stage and played lines from Captain Kirk during their press conference at the CEDIA Expo on Sept. 5. At its press conference Sony trotted out director/producer Barry Sonnenfeld, who did more stand-up comedy than promotion of the latest Sony projection systems.

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MK_Red4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

Blu-ray's biggest weapon for chrismass is Spiderman 3 while HD-DVD's is Transformers.
Blu laso has Pirates of Caribbean 3 and Fantastic Four 2 while HD's got Bourne Ultimatum and Shrek the 3rd. If Paramount had not gone HD-DVD exclusive, Toshiba's format could not survive the chrismass with Blu getting Spidey 3, Pirates 3, Die Hard 4, FF2 and others exclusivly while both getting Transformers and Shrek.

Of course, that is all IMO but... what would have happend if HD-DVD didn't have Transformers and Shrek 3? Could it survive until 2008?

The Real Joker4090d ago

I am confused. I found a site yesterday that gave all of the releases until the end of the year for Blu ray and HD DVD. Harry Potter movies and box sets are only listed as HD DVD. I was wondering if this was true. It really does not matter because I have both players but I still want to know which version I will buy. Thanks.

mighty_douche4090d ago

there the only 2 big movies that HD-DVD have coming up! lucky for ps3 owners you'd be hard pushed to notice any difference between HD-DVD and the upscaling, i know i have a stand alone HD-DVD player and on the 47inch its practically exactly the same!

drewdrakes4090d ago

mighty_douche, if you cant tell the difference between hi-def and upscaling then i just feel sorry for you. You do know that if what you say about HD DVD is true, the same goes for blu-ray, as they are the same resolutions.

MikeGdaGod4090d ago

actually i really don't see that big of a difference in upscaling and hi-def. there is a small difference in quality but its not a big enough deal till where i'm upset about it not being on blu-ray.

i've had my ps3 since Dec 1 and i haven't bought a blu-ray disk yet. upscaling is good enough to me. especially since i already have a screener copy of Transformers. looks great upscaled and it only cost $5. beat that

drewdrakes4090d ago

yet you see a difference ;) which is what im getting at

kn4090d ago

The hi-def battle is great for consumers right now. The freebies being given away with the hardware are making the "real price" come down fast. Blu-ray will do the same so it's nothing but good for consumers over the holidays. This battle is far from over and still needs to be played out on computers as well.

nekon4090d ago

"The hi-def battle is great for consumers"


grifter0244090d ago

How is a hi-def battle bad for consumers??? I never really understood the problem with this HD war, I mean most of the people that say this war is bad and bad for consumers is somewhat right and wrong at the same time but all of them are hypocrites. First you hate that their is both BR and HDDVD in the same category and then you say nothing about 3 consoles out right now....jeez. But back on topic it doesnt hurt consumers I mean if their wasnt competition both BR and HDDVD wouldnt be having a sale where you buy a standalone and you get 5 free dvd's (Mail in rebate but still) how is that bad? Some people say that if you bought either HD or BR and the one you bought lost the war you would be screwed but I dont see it that way, I Mean you still have your dvd's you bought they didnt turn into sand when it lost and the dvd's will start getting cheaper and they will still be highdef.

I do like some of the BR movies I mean I cant say I hate them all because I dont like that they are on BR and not HD because I wouldnt be a movie lover otherwise, Some of the movies are pretty good I love the ones you said Spider man I would love to get the box set for that the pirates is pretty good as well but HD has some pretty good movies you cant forget that Scarface is coming to HD a lot of people are forgetting that, so I will just wait to see what each brings to the table this holiday. Good luck both.

coltsfreak184090d ago

does it occur to you that most of hd-dvds players sold are the hd-a2 (soon to be a3), but they can't even do 1080p. that could be big in the long run

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