A Real Threat Now Faces the Nintendo Wii | The New York Times

THE question can now be asked: Does it make sense to buy a Nintendo Wii anymore?

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firefoxprime2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Here's the real question.

For those who haven't bought a wii yet, isn't it clear they don't want one?

Price cuts? Heh. Won't be seeing those for a long time.
The wow factor is gone. The software now pushes the hardware. Ex? Red Wii Mario Bundle.

Silly gameAr2669d ago

When Kinect gets games on the same level as a Mario or a Donkey Kong, it might be a real threat. Tech specs are great and all, but it's the games and the time and effort put into those games that can make or break the console, or in this case peripheral.

Also, i think people are underestimating Move. It has the real potential here when gaming's involved. Just look at Sorcery. I think that is the game that will make the Move a must buy.

axelstriker2669d ago

So...who's the new threat? Sony? MS? LOL

The_Zeitgeist2668d ago

Since when can 360 do 3D?
This article fails hard. The author thinks Kinect is going to do hardcore. MS already said it was strictly a casual system. 360 is the hardcore.

kneelb4zod2668d ago

Price wise they are no threat but,like someone stated the games what's going to make a difference.