QA Manager at Guerrilla Games talk game development

Seb Downie who is QA Manager at Guerrilla Games answered a poster's criticism of his comments in a IGN interview about Killzone 2 features and environments. Read on to see what he had to say.

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THC CELL4092d ago

anyone get what he is trying to say.

sorry im a bit mashed from the weekend

Vojkan4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

Well you have to read it to understand it. In the end people shouldn't pay much attention to this "article". But as we all know here they come, fanboy to flame....3,2,1, GO!

Evil0Angel4092d ago

what is he traying to say basicly is they promiced thinks we did not see in any of demoes/even the devloper did not mention anything about it in E3/CG so basicly= promice and do not deliver for example:
*every game @1080p @60fps
*2HDMI to connect to 2display 32:9
*PS3 will support 7 blutooth controlers
*6 usb ports
blah blah

mighty_douche4092d ago

ummm the ps3 CAN support 7 controllers....
ummm Gran Turismo.... 1080p @ 60 fps (i know its not every game but its a start, its only a year old remember)
ummm 2 hdmi wasnt for 32:9 fool, it was so you could play multiplayer without split screen, drop because, well do you know anyone with 2 hdtv's next to each other?
ummm fan boy noob, 360 section is 2 tabs over noob!

Douche4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

That was me who was just quoted and responded to by a Killzone developer! This news summary is a false description though. It was never my intention to criticize Killzone 2 at all. I was merely asking if Seb Downey remembered statements such as these. And Seb Downey wasn't the one who commented in the IGN interview. So he wasn't responding to "critizism" on "his" comments. Jan-Bart Van Beek, a Killzone 2 designer, made those statements in the IGN interview. This has been blown way out of proportion. If you guys want to read all that was said on the US boards (which is where I was quoted from), follow this link.

Seb made some good points, by the way, if you read it all. THC CELL, I don't know if you intended to or not, but you really flamebaited this news by the angle you went with it. No biggie though, I'm just psyched that I'm in some Killzone 2 news. This is my big break lol.

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Meus Renaissance4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

Is emphasise that in game development, features that are disclosed to the public about the game when it's in Alpha-stage can change over the course of time until they complete the game.

The interesting thing is that this seemingly is a response to a previous interview done with IGN regarding the interaction of the A.I. with yourself. I agree, it is somewhat confusing as we don't know exactly what he's trying to imply; perhaps a specific feature of the game is being dropped or redesigned? But he later goes on to state this is not the case with KillZone 2.

How did this even get approved? It's just a general comment about game development, one that we're all aware of.

Bordel_19004092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

The only part I find weird is this:
Short answer: Features get scrapped to make sure as many of those people are happy in the end. And that is no easy feat.

Disclaimer: This is not a direct comment on Killzone 2 development, but development in general. Killzone 2 is going to have every feature ever suggested, proclaimed or envisioned and we would never ever scrap a single feature ever, no matter how silly an idea it is.

Kind of contradictory I think and strange that no matter how silly an idea is it won't get scrapped? :o Oh well. Can't understand everything. :)


He was saying about game development as a whole not just KZ2.

Hugh Hefner4092d ago

I don't know, but somehow I don't feel as confident as before in this game... I hope GG do not dissapoint us.

Bathyj4092d ago

Are you serious? This earth shattering "news" has dampened your enthusiasm for this game?

Man, no offense but you are too easily swayed. Are you a swinging voter by any chance?

Maddens Raiders4092d ago

Not in the least. Pretty mundane actually. A wierd statement would've been, "this game could easily run on the 360".

Meus Renaissance4092d ago

Considering the fact that most 360 owners on N4G have constantly dismissed the game, it's curious as to why they'd care whether or not it could run on the Xbox 360?

Bathyj4092d ago

Of course they've dismissed it, they'll never get it.

Just like they've dismissed Haze and most of them even pretend they dont care about UT3 (my pick for FPSotY).

Its funny how once someone can't have something they act like they didn't really want it.

BloodySinner4092d ago

They're being dismissed because Killzone and Haze are unproven. As for UTIII, it hits the Xbox 360 Q1 2008. So, relax.

Meus Renaissance4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

If KillZone's 2 quality is still yet unproven, meaning no one knows anything about the game, then why dismiss it? Why not, at the most, be pessimistic about the game instead of derogative? But dismissive? There can only be two reasons.

1. You have a magic crystal ball you got for Christmas and you've looked into the future and have seen KillZone 2 flopping in reviews and consequently sales.


2. You don't want such a highly anticipated PS3 title to succeed in expectations as its potential could overshadow any other title, on any other platform, in 2008.

So those who dismiss it are either future-tellers, or ignorant worried posters on an Internet messageboard. Throw the dice..

Bathyj4092d ago

Meus Interpretation

You just answered the age old question Why do haters hate?

My guess would be, most people dont have crystal balls.

i Shank u4092d ago

im a 360 owner and haze never interested me on 360 or ps3 or PC. I think timesplitters sucked so im a little biased to the dev, but still, the game just doesnt interest me much. Killzone 2 looks sweet, i want to play it when i get a ps3, think the grphx and cinematic aspect of the game are awesome and the E3 trailer made it look promising. when people say its unproven, i dont think they are hating, think they mean neither the Killzone series nor guerilla games has delivered an amazing game that will be remembered for a long time. also think they mean Killzone, Haze, or other unproven franchises doesnt deserve to be hyped up to be on the same level as other high profile series that have proven themselves, like metal gear solid, final fantasy, halo, Ninja Gaiden, etc. but its all petty stuff that's left up to personal preference in the end, so game on

BathyJ, i cant wait for UT3 man! was sad it got delayed on 360, and on ps3 you can plug in Keyboard/mouse (bastards!) :( honestly there are plenty of games that will hold over til UT3 (halo3 alone could probably hold over) but ive been playing UT since the original on my PC and did get deflated from the 360 delay.

BloodySinner4092d ago

In case you didn't get the hint, I'll make myself clear. The Killzone is unproven as in, THE FIRST GAME SUCKED. So, I'll be skeptical about Killzone 2 as much as I would like.

The Ubisoft developers are talking trash about Halo 3, and still haven't proved that Haze is the better game. I'll pass final judgement when the title is released. Five bucks says, it won't pass the 9/10 mark.

Back in 2001, Bungie wasn't talking garbage about others. No one knew if Halo would be great or not. But guess what, sucker? They proved themselves and look how far they've gone with the franchise.

Meus Renaissance4092d ago

I was not talking to you or talking ABOUT you.

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