Uncharted Director Changing Drake's Back Story

Treasure hunters better beware, because here comes Nathan Drake: International Treasure Cop.

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MegaMohsi2544d ago

wow, one mistake after another, why even call it Uncharted? This is gonna be a disaster.

VenomProject2544d ago

Why IS it called Uncharted? I mean, the only thing it has in common with the game is character names...

gravemaker2544d ago

totally shit. Somebody kill all these bastards who ruins anime and game adaptations,

Parapraxis2544d ago're just sayin' that because you wanna make graves!

Moonboots2544d ago

oh god, tombstone fanboys are the worst! ;)

InvaderZim2544d ago

Oh hell no. You guys see? This is why I hate hollywood. LEAVE NATE ALONE!!!

Nac2544d ago

you dont make movies out of interactive entertainment.

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The story is too old to be commented.