Sony Bans Homebrew Disscusion on Official Website Boards

Today, Qj learned that Sony has just brought the battle to the PlayStation Underground Community by officially banning all homebrew-related talks on the said board. QJ.NET reader Miley_424 tipped us off on this development and explained that this did not surprise most members of the community.

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PS360WII4117d ago

I thought Sony was finally embracing the homebrew community? Anyway it's kind of checky to talk about hacking the psp on the offical sony website. That's just dumb

Thugbot1874117d ago

It was hard to believe in the first place Sony was supporting homebrew being, in the past and still currently they have been heavy into digital rights management. Let's not forget the rootkit they released on music CD’s.

N4GayFanturds4117d ago

Did you guys really think that Sony would be for homebrew...while so many game devs are against it?

***You can install Linux on it!***


mirroredderorrim4117d ago

If you could make phonecalls on the PSP I would rather have it than the Iphone. would need touch screen too.

I don't know why Sony, game developers and the famous guys who cracked this puppy wide-open just don't sit down together and talk about what this little handheld could really do, which is alot.