Bungie Level Designer Diagnosed with Cancer

Peter Marks has been a part of the Bungie community, both inside and out, for more than ten years. Myth players knew him as BNA Mordia. Halo PC players knew him as Lud. Bungie fans of Halo know Peter's work, Hang Em High and other popular levels. Unfortunately, Peter has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. He is doing what he can to fight it, with doctors pulling every trick in the book to defeat it. With his physical being in the care of professionals, close friends and family have been giving him much love and support to give him a much needed lift in spirits.

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Evil0Angel4117d ago

My prayers are with Peter Marks and his family

rev204117d ago

Yeh hope hes ok, one of my friends recently got diagnosed with cancer it really makes it hit home.

mighty_douche4117d ago

well at least he can afford good medical care! maybe M$ will extend his warrenty to!

get well!

DwightOwen4117d ago

I hope he gets better soon. This was the guy responsible for the design of "Hang 'Em High," one of the best MP maps from Halo: Combat Evolved.

sajj3164117d ago

I didn't here about it. My thoughts and prayers are with him also.

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The story is too old to be commented.