Is Half-Life 2 Still King of the Shooters?

Half-Life 2 was one of the most complete and engaging shooters at its time. After six years of first person shooter games perfecting their formula, does Half-Life 2 remain king?

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scar202697d ago

Don't know never played it.

tlarn2697d ago

You poor, poor soul...

Pandamobile2697d ago

What kind of question is that? It's widely regarded as the best first person shooter to date; yes it's good...

Spydiggity2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

absolutely nothing overrated about it.

Substance1012697d ago


Id call Killzone 2 and Halo series vastly over rated. Half life 2 is a legend. Still selling so many years after its release.

Active Reload2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

"Is Half-Life 2 Still King of the Shooters?"

I don't see how it could be. The shooting mechanics are basic while most of the weapons are too.

Edit: The title should be called "Is Half-life 2 still king of video games?", instead of "Is Half-Life 2 Still King of the Shooters?" because it limits the greatness of the game when more than likely the shooting aspect is its weakest point. My opinion though. Even then I personally wouldn't consider it the best game ever, but more appropriately, one of the best games ever.

ShinMaster2697d ago

I'd say First-Person View game, not precisely shooter.

But yeah, let the PC fans have this one.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2697d ago

@ scar20 it's like this,as a fps HL2 is better (by a huge gap) then any and every fps out to date.the peacing and story of the game is so perfect.once you get past the first load screen it's a wrap.everything about this game is above anything you've seen done in the fps genre.

i've been gaming since 1985(so you can imaging how many games i've played) and HL2 is in my top 5 greatest games of all could hate fps, but after playing HL2,you'll walk away thinking every other fps (if not almost every game) is inferior.

darthv722697d ago

I would say no but it is the king of storylines in a shooter series. Halo runs a close second (IMO).

I like how a good story draws you into the central role of the game. I have experienced it in a few notable ones. Resistance, Halo, Half Life, Dark Forces (bring that back please!!!). If it has a great story then ALL other nuances are passable.

HolyOrangeCows2697d ago

As good as Half Life 2 is, it's not the JC of gaming like everyone makes it out to be. It's shooting mechanics lost the crown long ago.

However, it's AI was certainly ahead of its time, and level design was pretty good. Just a VEEEERRRRY over-rated game.

BattleAxe2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

I'm actually playing through it right now, and I think its pretty good, and the graphics are excellent for how old it is. I got about half way through playing the PS3 version just over a year ago and I didn't like it, probably because EA didn't do a very good job with the feel of the controls. This time around I'm playing the game on Steam while using a 360 Controller, and it works great. The analogue sticks feel alot better this time and it doesn't feel like I'm skating on ice like the PS3 version. The reason I'm playing it again is because I just bought The Orange Box on Steam during the last sale for only $7.50. The Lost Coast was a pretty cool thing to get with the game also.

TomFG2697d ago

@Active Reload: When you say the shooting mechanics are basic, what do you mean exactly?

DeadlyFire2697d ago

HL2 has Ep1, and 2, TF 2 and CSS under its umbrella. As well as SDKs for each thing for players to make their own levels and content. Valve is the best.

What do other FPS games have? DLC packs. What fun are they?

Motion2697d ago


No offense to you, but seriously? You're playing a shooter on the PC using a 360 controller? That's crazy talk. Get used to the mouse and keyboard and you'll never look back.

Kleptic2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

@battleaxe...yeah dude, drop the controller...the game was first designed for PC, and the pacing and immersion simply aren't there without a m/k imo...

@tomFG...he probably means the lack of aiming down sites, relatively low level of recoil from all guns, definitely still has that old school shooter feel, in that its primary still a twitch game for least for most weapons...not that thats a bad thing, but it controls very differently from modern shooters...

the only thing I don't entirely agree with this article about is other games art direction...yes, Bioshock too was great...and HL2 was king when it released (even destroying Doom 3 in every way, which not many saw coming)...

but read the description of what makes HL2's atmosphere so great...and play killzone 2...I know that is a touchy shooter to bring up...but one thing it absolutely nailed was atmosphere...the architecture of the alien world (that was still built by 'humans') is unmatched...and it really feels like you are invading a believable environment on every level...

I'm not saying it tops either HL2 or Bioshock in this area...but it definitely deserves to be mentioned along with them...anyone that has played it could attest to that...

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anthraxCZ2697d ago

i did not know that there is someone existing, who hasn´t played best shooter of all time ? :)

just jokin´

JBaby3432696d ago

I haven't played it. I started playing Half-life about 2 years ago and got so bored I never finished it so never played Half-life 2. At least for me the series is FAR from being the King of Shooters.

TROLL EATER2697d ago

Half life, half life 2 and halo combat evolved are the best for me

ct032697d ago

I'm not sure how you can name Halo in the same sentence as Half-Life 1 and 2. But I guess I agree with 2/3rds of your post.

theonlylolking2697d ago

That amazing since both are not good. They are both ok games. In my opinion black ops, MW2, KZ2, MAG, Reach, and a few other are 10x better than halo CE and half life 1 and 2

antz11042697d ago

^^ "In my opinion black ops, MW2, KZ2, MAG, Reach, and a few other are 10x better than halo CE and half life 1 and 2"

LMAO!!!! Oh...whew..gotta catch my breath....oh man, you're a funny guy.

Spydiggity2697d ago

thanks for the contribution, scar. couldn't have had this comments section without you.

and yes, Half Life 2 is still the King. it's not only the best shooter ever made, but it's one of the best games of all time.

DarkFantasy2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

You never played it!!!! man go buy the Orange box for what ever system you have,its best played on PC, BUT its playable enough on ps3/360 for you to enjoy it beat the game plus episodes 1 and 2 and see for your self why its the king of shooters! its one hell of a epic game it has no multi player But it dose not need it.i can't believe someone said it was over rated,he must have not beaten the game what a noob! Half- Life 2 has to be the best shooter i have played in my life,such a awesome single player it will make you wish more games focused on story mode over mp.

Half_Life_32697d ago

Half Life 2 does have multi player and Valve made it free also there's 1000 servers for it.

Information here

Most people liked Half Life 2 and don't know about the online.
Using the gravity gun to throw toilets at friends is great epic fun. :)

Jacobite2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

"Don't know never played it." Why even comment then ?

ReservoirDog3162697d ago

You really don't know what you're missing. It's like never playing a Mario game. HL2 is by far one of the best games ever released. And yeah, I really do think it's still the king of FPS games. The episodes are good too.

Once you play them, you'll realize why most of us wait everyday for episode 3. You really desperately need to play the HL series.

specialguest2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Let's put it in proper perspective. Half Life 2 was released during the end of 2004. Ever since then, FPS have been playing catch up in terms of matching the qaulity of HL2(especially FPS on consoles).

Sure, there had been FPS games that were released during the past 2 years(maybe 3) that matched or surpassed HL2, but that's a compliment to how far a head of its time HL2 was.

TomFG2697d ago

"Let's put it in proper perspective. Half Life 2 was released during the end of 2004. Ever since then, FPS have been playing catch up in terms of matching the qaulity of HL2(especially FPS on consoles). "

Agreed. I only got round to playing HL2 this year, and it was a staggering experience. I've played the new Halo's and CoD's as they release, and been fairly apathetic about them. HL2, a 6 year old game, blew me away. It must beb doing something right!

Lykon2697d ago

Immersive. atmospheric. lots of was one of the last best adventure/shooting games before the whole multiplayer rubbish with 5 hour gimped single player took over....fantastic game...the resistance games are pretty good and have their moments too

Sashamaz2697d ago

since when was it ever king?

Ducky2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Since its release.


" Games like BioShock, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, and Metro 2033 suggest that there is still life in the single-player experience, but Half-Life 2 remains the benchmark."

I really liked the ending to the article.

CrzyFooL2697d ago


Half Life 3 PLEASE!!!

f7897902697d ago

How about Half Life 2 episode 3 before the apocalypse? At the rate Valve is going, we aren't going to see Half Life 3 for another 5 years.

Amphion2697d ago

Without a shadow of a doubt Half-Life 2 is the absolute best FPS single player experience ever created by man. I am a huge Halo fanboy and even I would spit on Halo at the mere mention of Half-Life 2!

CombineElite2697d ago

As much as I love the STALKER series Half life 2 still holds the crown and is such a great game that just calling it king of shooters is too small for this classic. I dare you to find a game that has everything in it that HL2 has and that can do it better.
Take your time I got all night to wait.......

Stalker is a better shooter and has better atmosphere but lacks a diverse game play. Don't get me wrong STALKER is Brilliant but HL2 offers so much more. Plus HL2 was the game that brought so many new ideas or fairly new gaming trends together all in one package.

Puzzles using physics
Facial emotions
no cut scene story telling
squad base gaming
destructible cover
vehicles in a FPS
Laser guided missiles
Enemy AI
Alyx Vance
plus a lot more

Many games do one or two things better than HL2 but HL2 does so much on a A+ level thus making it one of the greatest games ever. Besides a crowbar beats a knife everytime.

tplarkin72697d ago

HL2 was never "king". Halo was king until COD4.

Shackdaddy8362697d ago

Halo and CoD4 have nothing when pitted against HL2. You must live inna fantasy.

visualb2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )


sorry, Halo CE was great, and COD4 was also fantastic...

but no...maybe in multiplayer, but as over all FPS design, sorry kid, no way =|

I dno if you never really got into HL2 or just started playing games recently, but HL2 is still not only the best FPS narrative/story game to date (yes...its been almost 5 years and still not ONE FPS game does a better narrative experience)

it also still rivals many games in many areas today (physics, scripting, dialogue, graphics, over all game design)

from a pure game design perspective, neither of those games really compete with HL2 unless you look at MP, but HL2 was all about SP.

Kleptic2696d ago

uh halo was only king of console shooters when there simply was no other one to play (at that point people were finally getting tired of goldeneye)...

cod4 actually was far as being the most shooter played at the time, and pretty much unanimously getting 2007 goty from everywhere...even though Bioshock was the shooter that really went after Half Life 2's in it was a very atmospheric single player focused shooter...

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visualb2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )


expeience the world of gaming in 5 games:

deus ex
half life 2**********
zelda (link to the past or ocarina one or the other)
Pac Man

in my opinion.
some people would add Final Fantasy 6, super mario bro's 2 and maybe another but i'd say those 5 are a must. wtv, point is

HL2 WAS the king over all, now dethroned by various games due to their advances (iron sight, cover, graphics, controls, etc etc etc....)

however, HL2 is still the king of
FPS-NARRATIVE / single player. easily.

Ducky2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

*reads list*
Nice job ignoring Thief.

GamerPS3602697d ago

HL1 is still the king. People still play CS.

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Nineball21122697d ago

Is Half-Life 2 Still King of the Shooters?

I didn't know it was "ever" the King of Shooters.

Nineball21122697d ago

Guess I was wrong! LOL...

I've played HL 2 on the PC many moons ago and I did love the game... maybe time has fogged my memory of it.

I just never thought of it as the King of Shooters... looks like many others do though.

Cenobia2697d ago

I think it is one of the best FPS single player campaigns of all time. A lot of the shooters made today are just created for the multiplayer. The Half Life story and world are just so well made that it stands above the rest.

04soldier2697d ago

Agreed Cenobia, Half life is king of FPS when it comes to telling a story. Very few shooters have gripped me like Half life. Bioshock 1 comes to mind but doesn't hold a candle to Half life series.

But it doesn't have MP to speak of. So it can't get the crown in my book. It needs the whole package...

Shackdaddy8362697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

I've probably played each episode 10 times. I'm actually re-playing them all again an 11th time as we speak. I'm a HUGE fan. Cant wait till ep. 3.

Plus its still one of the only games where the characters look at you when talking. How no one else managed to pick this up is beyond me.

LiquifiedArt2697d ago

I dont know about "king". I'm not sure what thats supposed to imply.

I do know that the campaign was fun and it provided enough variety, story and "Oh Crap!" moments that it was enjoyable.

Fishy Fingers2697d ago

As single player goes, you'd be hard pushed to find something to compete with HL2. It's easily better than any FPS I've played in recent memory.

Multiplayer, well HL Deathmatch was pretty fun, but easily topped by some recent titles, although you can easily spend hours playing on KillBox.

ct032697d ago

I think the only FPS that comes even close to Half-Life 2 is Bioshock.

visualb2697d ago

you are right...

but, some will argue Bioshock is more/as much RPG as it is FPS, which gives it a bit of edge in terms of over all experience, whereas HL2 is a pure FPS.

and secondly, like you said...

it comes close...but even then its not quite at the same level when it comes to level design, longevity and over all experience

still rocks though

poopoojames2697d ago

I agree with the article, Half-Life 2 is still king, and will be until Half-Life 3. As long as you don't play it on console...

RockmanII72697d ago

That could be why I don't like it as much as the next guy.

Lykon2697d ago

i played HL2 on ps3 and LOVED it

04soldier2697d ago

I would have never experienced this masterpiece if it wasn't for an inferior port by EA to the PS3...

I've experienced Valve's art and have been a supporter since I've played portal...

antz11042697d ago

I played it on PC and 360, no difference in the original game beyond it was easier to turn around 360 degrees and strafe w/ a controller.

Kleptic2696d ago

what? easier to turn around...with a controller?

Alcohog2697d ago

Easily. I still go back and play it from time to time and not only do the graphics still hold up, but its still my favorite FPS single player experience, and CSS is still the best multiplayer.

RockmanII72697d ago

*Insert joke about PC having no games here*

Ratchet5102697d ago

lol wow so many people read my mind. xbox dont got no games to. they got to wait for gears of war 3.