SCEE confirms Heavenly Sword Starter Pack

Earlier today rumors spread that a new 60GB PS3 Starter Pack with Heavenly Sword and F1 Championship would make its way to Europe. Well it turns out the rumor is partially true. Beginning on September 19th, coinciding with the release of Heavenly Sword, France will be getting a new 60GB package.

SCEE provided the following details about the new 60GB Starter Packs:
- There will be an extra controller
- All SCEE regions will start getting a new 60GB starter pack
- Two bonus titles will be included in the package
- Depending on the region, freedom to change the titles is up to the individual markets based on their unique conditions.

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rev204093d ago

Its in europe so £425 or lower depending on were you go, europe is not getting an 80gb version ^^

Evil0Angel4093d ago

hope gamestation will give this deal

gta_cb4093d ago

they will have to, especially as there a major competitor in the UK

Salvadore4093d ago

Just give us Europeans a pricecut.

DEADEND4093d ago

I think you guys will get a price cut before XMAS.

SabreMan4093d ago

this deal and a price cut to £349 in the UK would be good but i won't hold my breath

DEADEND4093d ago

they really need to stop with the bundles and just sell the system by its self for $400, but I guess they will drop the price again around Q2.

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