Lair is just the start of the PS3-PSP link-ups, says Sony

The ability to play PlayStation 3 dragon-combat game Lair on the PSP has generated plenty of headlines in recent days. What's gained much less attention, however, is the fact that the feature is potentially available for all PlayStation 3 games.

Indeed when checking up on the Lair situation with a Sony technical insider, Pocket Gamer got the response: "It's a nice start. Over time, I'm sure we'll have more advanced features."

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azzam4092d ago

sony fanboy ere

AznSniper4092d ago

sweet.....i want to see if heavenly sword supports this as well

GoLeafsGo4092d ago

Have fun dodging without a right-analog stick.
Or trying to do the aftertouch/aerial combos. =p!

I see this as quite useless, to be honest.
I have two brothers, both love games. There's no way in hell if I'm out, and they're home, that I'll be able to use Remote Play instead of having THEM play whatever they wanna play >_<!

Caxtus7504092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

hmm i do agree 2.1 tbh.

This looks cool, and almost reason for me to buy a PS3 now aswell as they great games out next year....just think that the PSP is not deisgned well enough to implement this button layout.

I can see ths PSP2 launching next year with possibly 4 back buttons and a 2nd stick...a complete replica of the SIXAXIS.

It will work great for some games such as racing but many will not work at the moment. But yes, Sony will obviously be aware of this and working on a solution as of now.

jtmill074092d ago

I agree they do need to redesign the button lay out. If they did that they would have me sold on it.

Vojkan4092d ago

Wow so they did it on purpose? That is cool! But how does it play? Anyone tried?

Ignorant Fanboy4092d ago

Sony didnt know a thing about it, but when it happened, Sony was like "yeah, you can expect alot more"

Sony is taking credit for someone elses mistake.

DarkJedi4092d ago

mistake? you can't do something like that by mistake!

Whoops I accidentally made the game run at 60fps in 1080p, SORRY!

lol, fool.

MikeGdaGod4092d ago

how is it a mistake?

wow, now you really sound like an Ignorant Fanboy

[email protected]4092d ago

Bring more games with remote play!!!

hella whip4092d ago

I'm hoping rockstar make GTA remore play compatible, I mean they've already got the controls sorted from the PSP versions. Maybe this is what Phil Harrison was talking about when he said they were discussing some things with rockstar. I can see the advert now "Play GTA IV anywhere in the world through your PSP....This is living"

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The story is too old to be commented.