Rumour: Ubisoft could be behind SCi offer

The Guardian newspaper has said that the bid approach received by SCi Entertainment is "believed to be from its French rival Ubisoft".

More controversially, the newspaper also suggests Sony as a possible bidder.

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MK_Red4116d ago

Ubi buying Lara Croft house: Prince Of Persia VS Tomb Raider coming soon!

gunnerforlife4116d ago

now that would be the game of all time:D:D who do u thin would win:P:P

fjtorres4116d ago

Unless somebody is time-traveling...
But Sam would be more fun, anyway.
He could stalk Lara from the shadows, waiting for her to be contacted by relic-dealing terrorists, >;-)
First they fight and then they team up.

mighty_douche4116d ago

IN MY OPINION!! are pretty poor, i can remeber my friends being into the old ones and it seemed to me their favourite part was lara's tits!