Biggest Gaming Delights of 2010

AOTF: If 2010 was anything for gamers it was full of games and big announcements regarding the future of our favorite hobby. We had it all, hardware announcements, highly awaited titles that met expectations, and some surprising newcomers to the landscape. Since we already got our disappointments out of the way here are our biggest gaming delights of 2010 in no particular order.

God of War 3 - Just when you think that maybe we've seen the best that this generation has to offer, Sony Santa Monica comes along with a big kick in the ass to prove that you haven't seen anything yet. Playing to the strengths of the PlayStation 3 Sony Santa Monica gave other developers the coup de grace when it comes to best graphics this generation. The sheer size and scope of God of War 3 was mind boggling, and set new standards for what to expect from a sequel.

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kenlawson2487d ago

Can't argue with much here. I think Splinter Cell Conviction probably should have been mentioned I had the most fun this year with that.

math2487d ago

Splinter Cell god if they would have included a decent multiplayer instead of the deniable ops crap it would still likely be being played by a whole bunch of people. But since they didn't it was just a flash in the pan.

NegativeCreepWA2487d ago

Yeah should of stuck with the old multi-player it was what made the series so good.

Immortal3212487d ago

Now I don't have to waist my ammo on opinions, and that's fact.

visualb2487d ago

just been playing pandora tomorrow again

I can't for the life of me understand why the debut of SC on HD consoles wasn't kept stealthy...sure they can try new things but...SC isn't the same without fischer in the SC suit and the gadgets =D

LeeRoyJenkins2487d ago

Ahem...Starcraft 2.. that is all.

Panthers2487d ago

100% agree. The most fun Ive had this year was with SC2

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2487d ago Replies(1)
GamerChixRox2487d ago

My favorite and I think you missed it was Black Ops. Easy best game of 2010 for me.

jjank112487d ago

Seriously.....This is sarcasm right........Its not even the best game in its own genre!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.