El33tonline Review: Gran Turismo 5

Peter at El33tonline writes:

"It was always going to be impossible for Gran Turismo 5 to live up to the expectations of grandeur placed upon it: Perfectly modelled cars, true-to-life racing physics, visible damage and car degradation, online, an engaging career mode, day/night cycles, weather… these are just some of the features talked about before the game was out. Polyphony Digital, meanwhile, quietly ignored the raging storm of internet debate and comparisons and went about creating their own vision. And it is a thing of wonder."

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nix2698d ago

good score.. but too bad this thread will be skipped by fanboys!

OliverKO2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

Haha, should we have given it a lower score to bait the fanboys? That's not El33tonline's style! ;)

nix2698d ago

that's good to hear. q;

LiquifiedArt2697d ago

I enjoy Kaz's vision. I love GT5. I NEED to drive tonight!

OliverKO2697d ago


- some or other action movie (all of them)

sigfredod2697d ago

the king is back gt5 rocks !!