Thor: God of Thunder screens look dreadful

SEGAbits: "SEGA today announced that Chris Hemsworth (playing Thor) and Tom Hiddleston (playing Loki) will be voicing their on screen roles in the upcoming movie based game. You know, movie talent coming to video games, you guys excited?

I would be, if the game didn't look like a PSP game. Come on, what the hell is going on here SEGA? I usually try to not to whine, but this is getting embarrassing. Are they even trying?"

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OhReginald2910d ago

oh wait its not a psp game? DA FUNK!?

SilverSlug2910d ago

I think one of them is a Wii screen, 2 are from the HD console.

xxBiG_BoSSxx2910d ago

that's what i think as well. the first screen has to be from the wii. if not then yeesh. the other two look closer to ps3/360 graphics, but still kinda fugly.

Kleptic2910d ago

haha the one shot looks like Oblivion being played on a business laptop...those awkward NPC close ups when they are talking always looked like trash on lower end machines...

LarVanian2910d ago

It looks like a cheap iPhone game :P

theunleashed642910d ago

& the publisher of the game is SEGA! (not surprised)

SilverSlug2910d ago

Yeah, Iron Man sucked and this is by a bad developer. Really expected better from SEGA in license games. They did so well in the past.

Die Hard arcade was amazing, even the recent Rambo arcade was great. Then the Genesis Mickey and Aladdin games are my favorites.

Its not like they 'can't' make a good game. Viking: Battle of Asgard engine should have been used for this and Vanquish engine should have been used for Iron Man.


RockmanII72910d ago

I don't think Sega owns the Vanquish Engine.

Baka-akaB2910d ago

wel die hard arcade wasnt really a die hard game originally that's why .

And the Aladdin and mickey games werent from Sega , nor was was aladdin released at the same time than the movie .

Most movie tie-ins sucked in the past too . No reason for a change , they suffer from the same development galore than in the past : a game being rushed to coincide with a movie release .

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The story is too old to be commented.