Square Enix talks FFVII remake; new PS3 project

Everyone saw the breathtaking Final Fantasy VII demo when the PlayStation 3 was first announced back at E3 2005. But Square Enix has remained stern on the position that they would not present the world with a remake for the PS3. This, however, did not stop millions of people asking for one whenever the opportunity presented itself.

This week, Famitsu sat down executive producer Yoshinori Kitase, producer Hideki Imaizumi, director Hajime Tabata, and character designer Tetsuya Nomura to discuss Crisis Core and future iterations from Square-Enix.

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cloud3604115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

Whats this feeling. ...

That feeling. the past....(so exvciting am typing incorrectly)

when it came out this came was so Epic and big.....

I swear its a feeling icant describe... i wanted it to be remade but no nowing its gonna happen i got this feeling....whats the word to descrbie

This music in FF thats it , its the past coming back... such a feeling of epic and freiendship .WHy is friendship getting into this.....
friend madet he hype. ahhhh what is it. Iits excitiment ot somet)


I swear if this game is announced am either gonna steal money to buy a ps3 straight away

or loan it...... I SWEARRRRRRR

cloud3604115d ago

How i became almost a ps3 fanboy:

2005: I loved every console an i wanted each one.... i didnt know much about video games.... I loved video games so much

2006: I became an FFX fan and i began thanking Square and SONY for influencing my life....

2007: I began supporting sony at this time i played every FF game on PS console. (i hate FFXI worst game ever: only on the 360, shows they get sh*t rpgs only).... I was 51% sony and 49% 360... coz FF on PS

Present: I know about the war... Faboys take the pisss... i began supporting sony so much thats now that this is announced.......

I AM PS Fanboy all becuase of FF

Marona4115d ago

Final Fantasy XI is not a X360-Only title.

PS360WII4076d ago

Yea FFXI started out on PC then came to PS2 and finally over to 360. It's a premier game and you can consider it the good version of XII.

achira4115d ago

a remake would be nice, i played only ff9, and this game was very good.

Bebedora4115d ago

FF X takes that game easily and makes it feel as a mediocher exp. Not to mention FF VII.

I am actually myself playing FF IX(9) right now. It is charming and all, but the story is it's weakness.

REbirth4115d ago

FF9 would look beautiful to on ps3 :D and 8 and 7:( i and to play all of them again with better graphics and engines:P and with some new special things:P

please Mr. Square do that for mee..and for all the other guys that love FF...i said in ps3 cus i thing almost 90% of the fans played it on a sony console:P

i'm playin dragon quest by now on ps2...cus it's a game that really makes me remember the FF but without FMV :P

Watkins4115d ago

FF9 is in my oppinion almost as good as 7. played through 10 recently. And I didn't like it at all. No feeling at all, and I don't know why. It just wasn't there.

GoLeafsGo4115d ago

No--this isn't Kingdom Hearts III, which was already touted to be unveiled for the PlayStation 3 console at TGS.'s..coming to the PS3...for sure?

AznSniper4115d ago

I guess's kind of expected anyways

Baba19064115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

ff7 remake would be soooo great. when i played ff 7 the first time i couldnt belive my eyes. the story was so great and the gameplay was so much fun. i fell in love with rpgs. i would pay any price for that game.

riksweeney4115d ago

Judging by the number of people screaming for this remake, I think it would shift a very significant number of consoles if it was released as an exclusive, which it most likely will be.

Final Fantasy X was better though.

Baba19064115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

well for me, i like 7 most of all.
wont count the once before 7 couse cant remember them that well =D long time ago.
1. ff7
2. ff12
3. ff10
4. ff9
5. ff8