CapsuleComputers- Get Fit with Mel B review

Get Fit With Mel B is one of the first fitness games to be released for the PS3 that incorporates the new Playstation Move accessory. Ahead of playing the game my expectations were fairly low as I have good experiences using the tried and tested Wii Fit board and was unsure of the sometimes brash Mel B’s pulling power in terms of the license itself. In fact this was to be the first time since Britney’s Dance Party on the PS2 that I have played a celebrity endorsed game.

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facelike2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

I keep trying to get fit with her but she wont return my phone calls, or my text messages, or my emails, or my visits to her home, or my accidental run ins at the supermarket.

Mel, I fat, save me! Please.........

ian722931d ago

I would like to get fit with Mel B, she is real nice. She has aged well, looks a lot better than she did in Spice Girls.