Eurogamer Preview - Condemned 2: Bloodshot

"It's fun watching them burn," says Frank Rooke, lead designer on Condemned 2: Bloodshot. He's talking about tramps.

And of course there are weapons. Just as in the first game, you get guns but you can also make use of objects like bricks, pipes and sledgehammers. Combining weapons produces interesting effects. For example, you can smash a bottle of alcohol over an enemy and then use your Taser to set them on fire. Hours of tramp-burning fun for all the family.

Well, not all the family, as Condemned 2 will end up with an 18 rating. That's assuming it isn't banned outright following the Manhunt 2 debacle, but Rooke says he's not concerned: "Our job is to make this game as fun as possible.

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MK_Red4116d ago

Their game won't get banned because it's being made with ESRB overseeing the project and censoring anything over-the-top.