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Spawn Kill Review: Faery: Legends of Avalon

Rebecca of Spawn Kill writes, "Faery: Legends of Avalon is a rather ambitious little downloadable title. The graphics are stellar, the customization for your avatar is excellent, and the amount of gameplay you get for your $15 is impressive. Although it falls short in certain areas (the lack of voice acting really hurts the overall presentation, for example), and the gameplay can get a bit repetitive, in general these are things I can excuse considering all this title does get right. If you’re a fan of turn-based, fantasy RPGs, you could do far worse with your $15. While it might not be the most ground-breaking little game, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth." (Faery: Legends of Avalon, PS3, Xbox 360) 7/10

ShadowPraxis  +   1318d ago
I'd literally heard nothing of this one before it popped up on the dashboard. Should download the demo and give it a run.
antihiroprotagonist  +   1317d ago
I totally recommend giving this one a shot if you're into old school-style rpgs with awesome graphics. Yeah the story is generic, but this developer could have potential with more resources and better writers.
rrquinta  +   1316d ago
Yeah I definitely agree. It was definitely far beyond what I expected for a little downloadable RPG. I would love to see something else come out of this studio.
Snarkasaur  +   1318d ago
That title is so brutal...
dgroundwater  +   1317d ago
Yeah I rolled my eyes before even clicking on the page. Not that it's a bad game, it just screams generic pretty badly.

Its right up there with Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire.
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tigresa  +   1318d ago
Wow that’s awesome. It’s rare that a $15 game on XBL/PSN is deemed worth it’s buck! I did love the customization choices I had in the demo when I tried it briefly. Really pretty and interesting styles.
Drachaus  +   1318d ago
Now this is something I could see myself spending the cash on. Perhaps a demo DL is in order.
dwightmccarthy  +   1318d ago
yeah got to give it a try at least
K-Tuck  +   1317d ago
Just wrap it up first
TheLiztress  +   1317d ago
I had not heard of the title until it popped up as well. I'll have to give it a shot and see if I like it.
neid  +   1317d ago
I got the game and beat it during the weekend.
Not bad for a DL game. The graphics are pretty nice.
If you're into the RPG genre, I would recommend you get it.
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