Halo 3 Special Feature Presentation at //ADAPT 2007

The //ADAPT Conference announced today that Bungie's Director of Cinematics, CJ Cowan will be presenting Halo 3 at this year's conference.

This will be the first behind the scenes presentation of Halo 3 after its launch.

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SF49er4084115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

I cant wait. I thought bioshock was excellent but no longevity. Halos got forge, multiplayer, single player 4 player coop, skulls, unlockable multiplayer armor etc. I dont see halo gettin anything less than 9. it will def have a solid single player and they give you so much more extra. Xbox 360 already 75k this week up 22%, ps3 45k, wii 110k ish. the 360 price drop and halo 3 are gonna sell tons of consoles. they gonna have a nice running start into christmas.

nobizlikesnowbiz4115d ago

This game will melt your face.

Poor melted face people watching presentation.

My face will melt when I buy it.

Mr PS34115d ago

for when halo comes out you bunch of panzies