Jack Thompson Sues Take-Two Interactive

Miami lawyer and anti-violent video game activist, Jack Thompson, has today filed a lawsuit to force Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. to give him a copy of its school violence simulation game, Bully, before its October 1, 2006, release.

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rebelfan95314177d ago

goodness wolf do u have a life?

thetruth4177d ago

All Jack Thompson wants is an advance copy of the game for his kids.

wakkiwakko4177d ago

He has kids?
With his stern ideas about gaming... I thought they would've run away by now.

Loudninja4177d ago

What is jis damn problem? he act like these games will runing is life.

TheMART4177d ago

They should stick the guy a baseballbat up his ars in real time, not digitally in Bully that is. That would learn him to shup up.

What's next? No thriller or horror movies anymore? No porn for us all? Who will control our lives? This guy? hahaaa

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