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Uncharted's Really a Family Film

The big screen version of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is starting to sound less like Raiders of the Lost Ark and more like National Treasure. Director David O. Russell says his upcoming game-to-film adaptation will focus on treasure-hunting hero Nathan Drake (to be played by Mark Wahlberg) -- as well as his extended family. (Industry)

NecrumSlavery  +   1678d ago
Everyone whip it out...

National Treasures cool, but this is Uncharted man. Please don't Justin Bieberfy it for the love of Odin.

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Sabre_G  +   1678d ago
How can they mess this film up anymore???

Eddie Murphy as Sulley, Paris Hilton as Elena and Dane Cook as Navarro. Maybe add Danny DeVito as Eddy Raja to top it off. The perfect recipe for turd sandwich of a movie.

Oh well... roll on Uncharted 3!!!
Quagmire  +   1678d ago
Wow, your cast made me sick to my stomach.
MasterGuru  +   1677d ago
WHAT??????????!!!!!!!!!!!????? ???????

Eddie's black!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He ain't know Sulley!!!!!! Though I agree that Paris would fit the Elena role perfectly. Maybe we need some adult scenes in this movie.

One Night in India, anyone?? Argh,....who cares....my comment would probably get deleted anyway by the non-existant mods who got 200+ reports from raging black men.
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Pentex  +   1677d ago
Unable to detect sarcasm?!

Also, being a bit of a grammar nazi here and just to let you know... (LOL!)

It's "no".
farhsa2008  +   1678d ago
Dont worry everyone, Walhberg is a top actor, didn't you see how many oscars he won for playing Max Payne?
MAJ0R  +   1677d ago
yeah seriously, no one in their right mind would cast Walhberg in another video game based movie after his performance in Max Payne
floetry101  +   1677d ago
I'd agree that Wahlberg is a garbage actor in just about everything he does, but every film he's done with David O. Russell has been solid. Three Kings and I Heart Huckabees both had great performances by him.

Hell, if he can channel Boogie Nights into this film, it might be a goddamn masterpiece.
BYE  +   1677d ago

Did you read the article? It says nothing about being a family movie. Just that it's about Nathan Drake's family.
Spydiggity  +   1677d ago
i'm sorry, what? Uncharted has never been anything but a national treasure knock off... hate to break it to the fanboys.

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Deleting  +   1678d ago
Oh for the love of God......

Look it says he's half way done, we still have more time if we don't want to let Uncharted become another crappy game film. Even then he has to get the greenlight with his project.

I'm sure he's just using the uncharted name and character names to bring forward an idea that he has had for a long time but would never get the greenlight from hollywood to go through with it.
Bass_fisherman  +   1678d ago
National Treasure was awful, Nicolas Cage as no character whatsoever he´s just was being himself...hope that the actor that plays Drake isn't more flat that Nicolas
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StarScream4Ever  +   1677d ago

Godmars290  +   1677d ago
Can we please stop talking about this?
Its not the Uncharted movie, its a movie called Uncharted. Just let it go.
OhReginald  +   1677d ago

you have to develop the main character first in the first movie before bringing on his family members!

SEE: Last Crusade!!

SHESH what is with hollywood trying to crame everything in once freaking movie!
VenomProject  +   1677d ago
Meh. Whatever, Hollywood.

Uncharted 3 will be better anyway.
Godmars290  +   1677d ago
Not if they base it on the movie. Introduce some of those characters.

1) Pressure from Sony - don't think that they wouldn't.
2) To get non-gamers who see the movie to buy the game. Again, this would likely be Sony's thinking, but someone at ND could come up with it on their own.

And not be fired for it. If not just given a swirly.
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VenomProject  +   1677d ago
Why would Naughty Dog do a stupid thing like that?
zireno  +   1677d ago
1) Sony isn't stupid, they wouldn't compromise one of their best new franchises just to attract non gamers into gaming.

2)It's obvious that ND is already making Uncharted 3, that means story, setting, characters and all that fancy stuff is already figured out.

3)The writers of the games are 100% better than anything hollywood can produce, so I don't think ND would make a game knowing the story would suck a**.

4)You are crazy dude.
floetry101  +   1677d ago
Did anyone actually READ the article???

It says absolutely NOTHING about it being a "family film".

Yet again, N4G members are swindled by IGN.

O. Russell mentions a "family dynamic" referring to the characters in the film, which is a great thing. The characters felt like a tight-knit group in the game and he's looking to translate that to film.
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Achemki  +   1677d ago
Actually he means family literally, as in Drake's dad and Uncle (?!) being co-stars, which has nothing to do with the games.

Wahlberg's said Russell's writing their parts with Pesci and DeNiro in mind...because Drake is apparently one in a long line of cheesy italians now. Sorry, but this sounds like s%&#.

Drake's a thief. Uncharted 2 was called 'Among Thieves'. Now it's a family business that 'deals out justice' (?!) for heads of state and heads of museums (?!). A GIJOE Brady Bunch of museum cops? #&* you David O.
jay2  +   1677d ago
All I can say is
F*&k,F*&k, F*&k,F*&k,F*&k,F*& amp;k,F*&k,F*&k,F*& k,F*&k,F*&k,F*&k,F* &k,F*&k,F*&k,F*& ;k,F*&k,F*&k,F*&k,F *&k,F*&k,F*&k,F*&am p;k,F*&k,F*&k,F*&k, F*&k,F*&k,F*&k,F*&a mp;k,F*&k,F*&k,F*&k ,F*&k,F*&k,F*&k,F*& amp;k,F*&k,F*&k,F*& k,F*&k,F*&k,F*&k,F* &k,F*&k,F*&k,F*& ;k,F*&k,F*&k,F*&k,F *&k,F*&k,F*&k,F*&am p;k,F*&k, ruined!
Cajun Chicken  +   1677d ago
If this followed the REAL Uncharted, it would still be a family film but not completely cocked up. Thanks a bunch, Hollywood. I seriously hope this kills David O Russel's career for any future adaptions.

I don't even care if the film is good. It's NOT Uncharted. This is NOT Uncharted. I'm fuming.
theonlylolking  +   1677d ago
I know I wont like this movie since I dont see or hear the original characters. I see actors that dont look like sully, or drake. They neither sound like them. They should have just done like avatar and make it cgi so I the uncharted actors can act in the movie and we still hear drakes voice and see what he actually looks like.

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