Wii 2: How to Stay Ahead of the Pack

Gameplayer has gone live with a 10 Step guide to making sure that the Wii 2 can continue Nintendo's reemergence as a major home console force.

"That said, the Wii isn't a perfect console and there are a couple of things its successor should have to make sure it maintains its place as the definitive (next) next generation console."

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rev204116d ago

Bring out a new totally irrelevant peripheral like a toaster for the wii.

Then continue selling a franchise based on every part of the body.

In the future look for the great games, leg training arm training following on from the success of brain, eye and face training.

Guaranteed SUCCESS

Mr VideoGames4116d ago

it promote's Microsoft very we'll when they Publish Games for the DS and i think (if not yet maby soon) Wii, but SONY needs to stay in the Movie Business all there doing in the VideoGame Industry is promoting there Products or other Break Through Movie Technology (from other Companies) and Forcing them on the General Public (Blu-Ray, DVD, etc.) and not giving the Gamers (us) what they really want (in my Opinion) there doing some stuff now cause they don't want to be Overtaken by Microsoft (which will happen soon)

okay im ready for the Mindless SONY iditos to start Replying and Disagreeing with me (but don't expect me to reply back)

crck4116d ago

How did an article about the wii turn into a bashfest on Sony? Do you see the ps3 in your nightmares? Does it haunt your every waking moment?

Frances-the-Mute4116d ago

im better off just exercising for real if im gonna be active, gotta pump these glutes from all that sitting down :)

mikeslemonade4116d ago

Sony and MS didn't buy into motion control until now, so next gen for sure they will both bring in motion control and the power of the system as usual. It all comes down to money. Nintendo can only keep up if they come up with another compelling innovation like the DS and Wii. Nintendo isn't flawless in making great innovations such as the Virtual Boy and the N64. They are overdue due to make a bad decision next gen.

n4gno4116d ago

"but also because of the current crop of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games, none of which have demonstrated any significant innovation beyond prettier graphics."

Stupid fanboy's article : eye toy (eye of judgement, etc), guncon3 = gun+wiimote+nunchuk, rockband, guitard heroe, etc etc etc etc

advertising make people believing in nintendo for the only one making innovations, it's just ridiculous.

SlappingOysters4116d ago

hey the N64 had plenty of innovation - just it was mostly in software

PS360WII4116d ago

voice control.... bleh wasn't there a PS2 game that tried to be nothing but voice control and didn't it bomb?
Video and audio would be a nice upgrade for the next interation and naturally more storage space. In regards to the online service one can only hope

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