What If: Pokémon MMO

Logan Greiner writes:
"The free to play MMORPG market is an interesting one. You have IP’s that are not established coming seemingly out of nowhere and attracting millions of players such as Sony's Free Realms which had already hit ten million users before its first anniversary...

...The most interesting thing about this and hundreds of MMO's like it is they are not based on a previously established IP. There was no Free Realms cartoon or MapleStory toys. If this kind of success is possible with new IPs. What could be done with a hot property? One that has sold over 200 Million units since its first game 14 years ago? An IP that has had its logo on almost everything from T-Shirts to lunchboxes to cars? I am talking, of course, about Pokémon."

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NecrumSlavery2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

We've asked for a Pokemon RPG almost ten years now. It would be amazing on so many levels. To take all the worlds since the pokemon universe began, and all those creatures. add a good character creator. I also think you should have an editor to creator one pokemon of your choice. it would be your side kick. maybe you could level up enough to own a gym and design it, battle in it etc. you could challenge players for money, or go in teams to battle larger more epic pokemon. join factions, be good, go go evil with team rocket. customize special pokeballs to a high degree of specifications. do some solid online trading, and even add the card game into the mix for some side fun. . the possibilities are endless and it would be a sure seller, but i dont see them doing this. which saddens me

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