Is the PlayStation 3 catching up on Nintendo's Wii?

Nope - if anything, the gap in numbers sold between the two is widening. However, Sony did manage to suggest that the release last week of figures showing that whereas in June the Wii outsold the PS3 by four to one, and in July by four to one, and in the four weeks to August 26 by three to one, meant Nintendo's lead over its rivals was "narrowing".

A moment's reflection shows that this can't be the case. If every month you keep selling more of something than your rival, your rival cannot ever reduce your lead.

What the writers seem to be trying to describe is not that Nintendo's lead over its rivals is getting smaller, but that the growth of its sales lead is slowing. In other words, it's not accelerating away from the PS3 and overtaking the Xbox360 as fast as it was. However, a lead your opponents can't reduce will still win the race. In fact, the only time that the PS3 held a sales lead over the Wii was in November last year, the month before the Wii's launch.

Meanwhile, figures released last week showed that the Wii was the UK's fastest-selling console ever, reaching 1m sold just 38 weeks after going on sale, compared to the previous record-holder, the PlayStation 2, which took 50 weeks (the Xbox 360 took 60 weeks to hit that target). Guardian Unlimited's June prediction that total Wii sales will overtake the Xbox's well before Christmas looks very safe. Meanwhile, everyone is still wondering when, if ever, the surge in PS3 sales will begin.

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bung tickler4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

"Meanwhile, everyone is still wondering when, if ever, the surge in PS3 sales will begin."

umm how about when the price isn't $600 and it has some games to play.

DrPirate4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

Games are not a factor in my opinion anymore.

Games are being released weekly now, the PSN is picking up and the time gap to the big titles is closing.

The surge in PS3 sales will occur when the PS3 is properly marketed (no more stupid commercials) and the price hits 300 dollars.

My estimates (and I'm a PS3 fan no less): PS3 will hit 8-9 million consoles sold by February of 2008. If a price drop happens at the end of quarter 1 2008 dropping 1 model to 350 dollars, firmware functionality is equal or greater then live (and PSN is still free), and Home turns out to be a hit, with the proper word of mouth, and marketing, PS3 has a chance of taking off and possibly securing a second/first place position (considering 360 and Wii stop selling, this takes into account we're only watching PS3 sales basically.)

I should be an analyst huh? Is everyone in some type of agreement? Think you can add more, I'd like to hear it.

Edit @ diarrhea: I did not consider your post to be inflammatory, I though you were somewhat mature in your presentation, you resisted the urge to create real flamebait.

Regardless, if I was in charge of the PS3, I wouldn't change the fundamentals of it in anyway since I love the hardware and I'm a fan of Blu-Ray movies and am curious to see it's application in video games further down the timeline. The 2 additions I would make: system dedicated ram that runs the operating system processes in the background (Like the 360 has), Touchsense in the controllers. I would have also laucnhed at 400 - 500 dollar pricepoints for the SKU's at launch, I would have weighed the benefit of marketshare, against the con of losing money on the first batch of units. I'm not Sony, I don't own shares, but I am impressed with their machine and I'm really dieing to see what it can do if it's marketshare goes up. If developers see people taking to the machine, they'll invest more resources in it and that's why I do hope that sales for it pickup.

bung tickler4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

just so everyone knows i wasnt trying to flame i was simply stating thats what i think will help ps3 sales... low price + more games. i stated it the way i did cuz i think its pretty obvious and the article made it seem like it was some kind of mystery...

toughNAME4116d ago

personally its not about the price, its the lack of current games and games coming out in the near future that interest me

_insane_cobra4116d ago

It's not $600 anymore and it has some games to pay. No real system sellers yet, though, so when one does appear, there will be a surge in sales, but who knows how big or how long it will last. And don't forget that other consoles will have system sellers as well so while PS3's sales will improve, so will the sales of its rivals.

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cooke154116d ago

Sony sure can spin its magic web of numbers

pilotpistolpete4116d ago

So can MS. In fact, the 360 failure rate number is so magic its invisible.

Demon19804116d ago

So do you two like staying on this site and flaming a console that you have no interest in like fauking nerds?

bung tickler4116d ago

so what do YOU in your infinite wisdom think will help the PS3 sell? do YOU enjoy being a total ass-clown?

socomnick4116d ago

Bloody diarrhea you crack me up bubbles for you sir.

Demon19804115d ago

unlike u i don't give a fauk

spammy_nooo4116d ago

i really like the title of this one. 'is the ps3 catching up to the wii?'

then the paragraph starts out with -nope.

thats furny.

DarkArcani4116d ago

How does someone get a disagree for that?

ktchong4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )


That's a very respectable mainstream newspaper in the UK, with a huge circulation. It's like USA Today or New York Times in the US.

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